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friday, december 7, 2007

no rants today--just some good stuff. mostly.

my son has been home for two days now because he's down with something. not coughing much but reeeaaallly congested, and i don't send sick kids to school if i can at all help it. he's been pretty low key too, another sign that he's not feeling so well. even with his meds, his energy and stimming can make you crazy dizzy. yesterday, i had him make a bed next to me on my office floor so i could work and keep an eye on him and make sure he at least TRIED to rest. and he did, which is amazing, really. tried, anyway--though he did lay nice and quiet for about an hour at one point. i was impressed.

anyway, the best part of the day was lunch. even though i still don't completely understand bento, i did realize there were some benefits for me. portion control is a big one. the changes i'm making in terms of being healthier don't extend to far into food yet, but we've been trying to control portions for some time now. a small, partitioned box is a really nice way to do that. i have a partitioned "fold up" container i'm currently using, though that will change when i get the lunch set i picked up from amazon for $10. the lunch set won't sit on a slant the way the box does. anyway, the other usefulness is making sure i eat something fairly healthy at the same time every day. when i'm working, i can get caught up in the projects and i'll either eat very late or miss lunch entirely or just grab the easiest thing i can--which isn't necessarily the healthiest. so this week, i've started packing my at home lunches in the mornings when the kids are getting ready for school.

yesterday i packed 2 lunches, one for me and one for him. when it came to eat, he ate on the floor in his "bed" and i ate at the desk, but we talked and ate together. now, holding a conversation with my son is very different than holding a conversation with anyone else. you'll be lucky if he doesn't slip into telling you all about movies (which we try to limit) or if he can stay on topic for more than a couple of exchanges. but this was nice--scattered, but nice. and he liked having his lunch out of a box. except the rice ball. he told me it needed to be cooked. *g*

it was really nice to spend time with him, even if he can't interact the way normal kids do. he's a sweet kid, and his stimming and noises were less than usual so it was much easier to just be together. we watched
the chronicles of narnia together after lunch, and he was really good. lately he's been distracted even when watching movies, so it was nice to see him so focused. i just wish he didn't have to be sick for that to happen.

today wasn't so great. the lunch was pretty...meh. i had to scrounge to find food and my tummy's been upset since the migraine settled in earlier this morning. i had him "rest" in his room (which consisted of being in bed and doing a lot of talking and stimming) while i napped in an attempt to help with the headache. it helped some, but the fact that my tummy is still upset tells me that the migraine is waiting to pounce in force again.

i swear, i hate winter. damn storm headaches. i learn to work around them or i'd never get anything done, but i'd so rather NOT have the damn things.

anyway, i was woken up during my nap by a sharp rapping on my door by the ups driver. froggy's birthday present came in and are now neatly tucked in a gift bag. and my new roasting pan for this christmas (seriously 10-12 cornish game hens? at once? needed a roasting pan that would hold all them suckers, preferably one with a lid) came is as well. the box looked like it had been opened and reclosed at least once, and had that battered appearance of a package that had gone astray. the pan has one or two small dings on the outer lip of the bottom of the pan, but it's nothing serious.

there are other good things in the works. saxy's and froggy's gifts have shipped from the swiss colony and should be here tomorrow or monday. it is being shipped from atlanta, and via dhl, so there's an outside chance on it making it in today, but not holding my breath on that. and the free chocolates in that shipment? MINE! lol. my lunch box and a few other things won't ship until next week at the earliest. rent will be paid in full tomorrow (we may be in a place we can barely afford, but our landlord is the best ever!), and we've decided how to handle the recurrence of the problems with mcat. he will eventually collect his truck, but we won't have to keep dealing with the b.s. and for that i'm happy. we discussed what saxy should say when he calls, if he calls (discussing it beforehand is good for him since the hyperlexia makes social situations pretty difficult for him to navigate sometimes).

i finally finished round 4 edits of the last manuscript for fp and sent it back to the author. hopefully this will be the last round. i just want to hand that sucker over to the publisher and be done with it. now that i can sit up at the computer without a red-hot knife impaling my head, i need to go through lilley press slush and work on our first manuscript's first round edits.

for now, things are good with the world, even if today's lunch wasn't so hot. even the sun has finally come out and the skies have cleared. maybe pouncing headache will stay away as well. well, probably not, but one can hope.

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