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thursday, december 7, 2006

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so, saxy called and, as usual, mcat didn't answer his phone. so saxy left a message about the truck and quitting. apparently mcat was hurt by this (oh, gee, poor baby -- and how many times have you stepped on us or on saxy and not cared how we felt?), and he still doesn't get why we won't keep the truck. he did tell saxy, however, that if he was quitting and returning the truck in hopes of getting his check that it wasn't happening, then proceeded to tell him to take it to titlemax to see what they would offer for it.

which only proves to me that the only reason he gave us the truck was so he'd have someone to make his payment on it. if this wasn't the case, then why take it to a title place rather than take it home and continue the effort to sell it?

saxy did decide he was going to try to work through this with mcat and is going in tomorrow to "discuss it." i just hope saxy stays firm on the truck -- we can't afford it. period.

meanwhile, the people who know what's been going on for 2 years now agree that it's high time saxy got away from the whole brother-in-law as boss thing. mcat says i'm a control freak. (he just can't stand it because saxy chooses to listen to his wife rather than to him!)

normally when i get pissed off, i vent it and then it's over. i can freak people out with how quickly i can seem to recover. but this time i was pissed off all day. i'm better today, but it still has me ticked off more than i've been in a very long time. i told saxy if this whole work it out with mcat thing is what he wants, then go for it. but if this shit happens again, we're done with him.

and, personally, i don't want to talk to him at all. i would much rather pay him off and then tell him to go away and stay away. no, i'm not at all impressed with my brother's antics and manipulations, why do you ask?

speaking of paying, because things are so shaky right now, we're looking at ways to improve things financially around here. first, we're taking my next check and buying a cheap car -- really cheap, considering the size of my check. we have one lined up that we're going to look at tomorrow. i'm hoping it'll be a done deal and all i'll have to do is get the money. it's going to screw with our rent, but we'll work around that somehow.

then come tax time, we're going to use any tax return, assuming we get one of a reasonable size, and try to find a smaller, cheaper place. preferably a place with insulation so that not only does the house payment go down, but so do the utilities. the big problem there, as far as i can see, will be the animals. but, really, as cheap as $925 is for a 3 bedroom split-level, it's too pricey for us, especially when you tack on the $200 for heating or cooling the place. that doesn't count the other utilities we're paying for -- water (around $100), phone, and so on. and the bill that goes down in the off season is still usually close to $100. it's just too much. so, we need to look into moving.

i'm also delaying those masters program plans for a bit. at the end of this year there will be 7-9 schools with their teacher contracts coming up for renewal and a higher chance of me getting hired. i'm trying not to hold my breath, but i'd rather not start the program then have to leave it to do a certification because the job finally came through. as for saxy, whether he works with mcat again or not, i think he'll be looking into at least something part time at wal-mart or a late night gas station or something.

so, we're rethinking a lot of things, i guess, but it's a good rethinking. and, honestly, once we started to rethink, to try to figure out how to limit the impact of saxy leaving his job, i started to feel better. might be that we're trying to figure out a way out of the mess. but it could also be the idea of not feeling trapped by my brother. regardless, just the emotional lift is a good thing.

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