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tuesday, december 4, 2007

i made pretty good progress on the editing work today--not much on anything else, but the editing is going pretty good i made my target for one project and exceed it for the other. considering how slow i can be, this works. considering i made significantly less progress yesterday, this is fantastic. and
the "losses" yesterday aren't a big deal in light of what i did instead.

for the first time in months, hub took me and the kids out to dinner. no, we can't REALLY afford it (it'll come out of the grocery money), but we all seemed to need it. i find the timing interesting too--he wants to go out to eat more when he's had to deal with my brother than any other time, and, yes, he's been working mcat's house of late. not only that, but he's driving the damn truck again (broken car--without the truck he'd not be working at all). worse, mcat keeps calling his other boss to check up on him. o.O

anyway, we decided this would be part of froggy's birthday celebration too, it's a little early, but we're not guaranteed to have funds for any celebration right around her birthday. i'm hoping we'll be able to manage a cake on the day, but dinner a week early works, and she was quite pleased with it. we went to sweet tomatoes for all you can eat salad and whatnot. the whatnot included a turkey vegetable soup with stuffing (you get to add your own stuffing), muffins, mac 'n cheese for taz (since he wasn't so much into the soup), and dessert. the all you can eat nature of things seemed to bring out the hungries in the kids--taz had 2 plates of salad, 2 bowls of mac 'n cheese, 2 1/2 cornmeal muffins, a blueberry muffin, and ice cream. miss froggy didn't dig in quite so deeply, but still ate a lot more than we're used to seeing her eat. i'm surprised we didn't have to roll her out the door. we'd never have to roll taz out the door, he's so lanky that all that food could only help. it also warned me that we might luck out and end up with a close to typical teenage boy appetite soon. scary stuff there!

it was really nice to just sit and relax and eat as a family. at home, saxy tends to be too stressed. he wants to do the cooking, but he also gets a little grumpy when he does since he's doing it when he comes home from work. and we rarely all eat together because we don't have enough chairs for our table (and the ones we have would probably break if saxy and i used them too much--quite creaky and wobbly). and the place was warm! our house is so often not warm these days, even with the heater on.

what froggy doesn't know is her birthday present is coming--the 3 owl knight books by mercedes lackey. in fact, every time i hear a car go by the house, i turn because i'm waiting for quite a few things, most of which i want to arrive when no one else is home. i ordered christmas presents for froggy and saxy (1 each). if they come in AFTER everyone's home, i'll have a tough time explaining why i don't open the box right away. then there's froggy's books. both of these need to be wrapped. i want to find something for taz as well, but seem to be having a hard time thinking of something he might like and can use and won't turn into a spinning stim toy. we already asked linnorm to get the kids long-sleeved shirts/sweaters for this upcoming winter, which promises to be VERY cold. i guess it's a good thing i need to wait before i do get him anything. gotta pay that rent before any more cash flows out. oh, and buy groceries. anyway, i'm also waiting for my roasting pan. i actually have 2 smaller roasting pans with lids already, but both will not fit into the oven at the same time and we already know neither of them will hold more than half a dozen hens. we're making 10 hens for christmas dinner this year. so i found a decent sized, rectangular roasting pan with a lid that should hold them all.

i swear i need 2 ovens for the holidays!

more immediate, i hope we can manage at least a home made cake for froggy's birthday. taz got a big celebration when we went up to visit kitten's in-laws this summer, but there's no way we can do that. she was very happy with going out to dinner last night, but i would still like to have a cake for her. (it's hard to believe the bugger is going to be 14!) my whole baking time is coming up and there's a question as to whether i'll get to do more than bake a few things for christmas. making cookies for local friends has become one of our holiday things and it would be sad to miss it, but between my girl and local friends i'll choose my girl. course, hers is a little easier--we can just buy a package cake mix. cookies take ingredients. ;) still, i look forward to baking every year, bad back and all, and i will miss it if we have to forego the activity this year, even if it's made up by all the food i'll be cooking for our upcoming christmas dinner.

busy times definitely coming one way or the other. seems the busyness never stops for me, does it?

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