monday, december 4, 2006

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today went so fast that i'm not entirely sure what happened to it -- much like the rest of this year. just where did it go? the fact that i don't remember much isn't much of a surprise when it comes to the year -- my long term memory is pretty much hit and miss, and there's no telling what will stick in the end. i pretty much have a 5 minute memory lifespan, if that, and if it isn't written down, don't count on it being remembered.

i do know i took the little buggers to the computer lab today. not that it did much good. the people who have been goofing off for this entire project just goofed off some more, particularly in my first period class. really, these kids have no shame and don't give a damn about their grades. they sit on their butts and expect it all to be handed to them. and with a few, they aren't far from wrong. apparently the second language students aren't supposed to get less than a 70%. granted, that's still a "d", but we already modify when giving them assignments and when grading those assignments, why in the hell can't they earn their grades just like everyone else?

*deep breath*

really, i didn't come here to rant. got lots of rants i will probably attempt to share some day soon, but today, i'm just looking at how quickly time seems to be going these days. or was it on my failing memory? hmmm . . . .

i do know i finally put in for the secret santa at work. and i had a dizzy spell, brief and not too bad, but still a dizzy spell. i rarely get those in school, but i've been rather congested of late, so maybe it's tangling with my already screwed up inner ear even more than usual. i also stayed late working on yet another new worksheet to help the kids understand the book that is over almost everyone's heads. and i put in grades at some point today. i'm happy to report that most of them are passing, even if it's only by the skin of their teeth . . . or because the computer rounds up when the number after the decimal is a 5 or higher. and i spoke to my oldest. the girl will be out of full time army and into the national guard tomorrow.

this past year has been much like today. it's gone by quickly and i have spotty memories of what happened in it -- and none of them in any particular order. heck, right now i'm too tired to remember all that much at all. this year has not only been a year of zip, it's also been one of almost unending exhaustion.

i'd say i hope next year goes more slowly with a few more ups than this year had, except it wouldn't really matter. with the swiss cheese i call a brain, i probably wouldn't remember it eaither. so, zipping along is fine with me.

however, this month has to slow down long enough for me to enjoy my oldest being out here for a visit if she makes it for the holidays. no zip allowed there!

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