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wednesday, december 4, 2002

whysper is becoming a habit. this morning i decided to start working on my profiles and stuff right away (i'd really like to meet yesterday's word count of 3845 words), and all i could think was "you need to write a whysper." i like this. i like being in certain habits and this is one habit i've been wanting to get into for awhile. my only claim up to this point is that my at least my online journal survived longer than any paper journal i ever tried to get started. now i just might be able to say whysper is a habit.

of course, if i ever get into an m.f.a. program that may all change. we all saw what classes did to my journal this past year or so. (i suppose i could just declare a hiatus and that would solve the problem of me not writing.)

of course, updating almost daily or daily also means there will probably be a lot of drivel showing up. drivel like this:

a friend read yesterday's entry and has offered to be my cyber stalker. since she was already my muse, she is now my cyber stalking muse. knowing some of her antics when we were both in tsf, i'm not sure if i should be worried or not yet. the downside is that we haven't been talking much (that gal is a busy one!) and when i commented that now maybe she could talk to me, she said it's in the rules for her not to talk to me. not sure how she can be a muse and a stalker when one is supposed to talk and inspire me and the other is not supposed to talk and to make me nervous, but i'm sure she'll manage. she'll probably just switch hats or something. i'm also not sure how she'll make me nervous since i know she's not evil or obsessed or anything. maybe create a copycat shrine to me on her site? leave anonymous entries in the guestbook? just let me wonder as she does nothing? she's clever that way. really.

what has become evil of late is my stereo. the poor thing is getting old and its warranty has run out and i swear it knows that. the stereo is a 5 disc player (plus the usual tuner and tape deck stuff) and can be programmed to play all 5 discs continuously at random. it has performed this particular function very well for quite awhile. i guess maybe now it's getting tired of the music we play and every so often stops playing, although just decided not to play isn't as common as it's other evil behavior. more and more frequently it doesn't just decide to stop playing, it ejects the tray of cd's as well. pushing the play button has the tray go back in, but either the machine doesn't like our cd's anymore or we have a poltergeist. it's not really bad as of yet, but i know the day is coming when i'll have to decide whether or not to get a new stereo or to try to get this one repaired.

see, drivel. i honestly don't mean to bore my two readers with this stuff, so, if indeed this is becoming a habit, i'll try to think of more interesting things to talk about.

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