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wednesday, july 18, 2007

it's been a miserable and exhausting couple of weeks. i spent most of it editing a romance novel that reminded me of the trash from 20 years ago that turned me off romance novels to begin with. the good news is that there is hope for author and novel -- she has a decent story line and occasionally shows some real writing talent. the writing itself needed lots of help. i'm just hoping she hasn't gone and hid in a corner somewhere in tears with the amount of edits i've asked for. hopefully she'll see that i'm trying to help make the book the best it can be. i'm also hoping the publisher isn't going to wig out when she sees how much i commented on, but, i suppose, if she does, then that will let me know how long i can stick it out there. i'm not going to take my expectations for a good read down. *shrug*

other than that, it's been hot, muggy, and stormy. i've had to go off-line more than once from migraines. and i was off-line for 2 other reasons: to reformat and because lightning fused the phone cable.

i'm still recovering from the reformat, and, in some cases, without much luck. my machine is having real issues with my cd's, which means i'm out A LOT of stuff until i can get another win 98 machine up and running and anything it can read loaded into a website for me to download onto my hard drive. a lot of stuff includes graphics, fonts (over 3000 of them, many of which i PAID for, so, yea, that's making me VERY unhappy), resources created for the old DominoDesigns that i've been trying to get back online, and so on. the problems also have me worrying about how much longer this machine can make it. even with the reformat, the machine is running slower than it did. the sound card still won't install, though a few things (like the printer) seem to be working better. i've also lost one or two necessary codes and can't seem to get the software people to get back in touch with me. regardless, the age of the machine and the weirdness make me think my baby's not going to last nearly as long as i'd like. hopefully she'll last as long as i need, and i can get a new laptop or something before she crashes. we'll see.

in the meantime, we've been given 2 older win 98 machines, one of which actually has an ethernet card. we're keeping that one and sending the other one off to jewel. fortunately, the one with the ethernet card is also the one with backup software drivers -- a resource cd similar to the one that won't let me install my sound card driver on my dell. but at least it has some of the drivers. the machine mcat gave us has nothing. i'll be trying to get the other machine in working order this week or this weekend -- depends on how much i get done on some writing related projects.

the torching of the phone line was just plain . . . weird. we heard the thunder crack directly overhead, but i never saw the lightning flash. hell, it's even odder than that the comcast cable wasn't fried with the phone cable, but i'm just glad that's all that was damaged. we have lots of trees in the back yard, and a lot of these strikes have been burning things down. we don't have a whole lot anymore (well, unless you count saxy's god knows how many dvds), but i'd like to keep what little we do have, and we'd have absolutely no place to go if the house became unlivable.

just prior to being thrown off-line with a torched phone line, the databases on d.com and dii.com vanished. between the two, a lot of my writing motivation got derailed. i'm slowly trying to get back into it all, but the heat and storms are making that hard to do.

the car thing is going well. slow, but well. we're going to get a bit more than what we paid for the vehicle plus $500 as a buy off so saxy doesn't sue for an injury later. like i said, though, the process is slow. we just got word on the settlement, and there's a few more hoops to jump through as still, so the earliest i see us getting that money is next week. saxy has briefly looked for cars, but i keep telling him to wait until we have the check because anything he finds now is more than likely going to be gone by the time we get the money.

speaking of which, oldest sent us money to take the kiddos to see hp: ootp. we all enjoyed it, even saxy who hasn't read the books. we've been taking the kids to see the hp films since the first one came out and really want to keep up the tradition until the end, but it's been getting tougher to go see anything on our budget. i'm trying to figure out how to pay for the few things we want/need while at the dragon*con convention this year and how to pay for "the golden compass" in december. it's frustrating to be so limited.

oldest and grandbaby is coming down august 4 to stay with us for awhile. november we'll be going up to her in laws for thanksgivig, and december the plan is to have christmas here, though that may be up in the air because she might be back in hawaii by then. obviously, i'm hoping we'll get baby cat for her first christmas. ;) but, mostly, i miss my daughter.

yep, just a few things going on. really. and now i have yet more stuff to do. *sighs*

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