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monday, july 02, 2007

you know, there are days when i think if i didn't have bad luck, i'd have no luck at all. then i realize that's not really the case. it's just my bad luck has timing. sucky timing, but excellent sucky timing.

and it came out in force this week.

i use firefox with a number of extensions. or, i should say i used to use firefox with a number of extensions. now, it's firefox with maybe one extension. :P anyway, i update done of those extensions and firefox started to freak. so i tried to get rid of the extension -- firefox kept illegaling. i tried reinstalling, uninstalling and reinstalling, removing, anything to get the browser to work. the situation just kept getting worse and worse. really, i should have expected it -- the system has been unstable since the fiasco with comcast, but i kept trying to salvage the situation until, finally, i had to give it up as a lost cause. the machine had to be reformatted.

really, i shouldn't complain about it too much. i've had this machine for 7 years and never had to reformat it once.
i came close, and i knew it was coming with the way the machine's been behaving since, but, really, it's been a good machine, but it had to go eventually, right? and i did have warning it was coming. it's my own stupid fault i got lazy about things.

anyway, i spent most of last week trying to salvage everything. i had problems finding space for everything -- not enough zips, my cd burner wasn't working, gmail wasn't accepting my zip files, and it looked like there wouldn't be enough space on my domains. i did managed to save most everything -- i lost a few graphics files (most of which i think i have elsewhere anyway) and a few other things, some permanently, but i did manage to save 99.9% of the important, unreplaceable things. one zip and on cd each went belly up, and the cd is where i lost stuff. fortunately i realized there might be a problem before i lost too much; unfortunately some of the files were already deleted off the hard drive. it took me most of the week to find safe places for everything, and i wasn't doing any writing at all (which, btw, was the FIRST thing i saved), so i was getting bitchier by the minute while dealing with all this.

PLUS i received 2 rejections to boot! yeesh.

now, i haven't reformatted anything in years. i think saxy's machine to put xp on it was the last time i did that. i have instructions for 98s.e. printed out, so most of it went well. most, not all. as with all reformattings, some things didn't go so smoothly. my monitor wouldn't install correctly, my sound still isn't installed -- i have a resource disc supposedly with the driver but there's no install file and windows won't recognize it as the driver. it's aggravating. my e-mail program is a little buggy again. and nothing looks right. but i'd rather deal with that than not have my machine. and every time i figure something out, i write down notes on it. so now i know how to reinstall the monitor driver without the same hair pulling frustration in the future.

now, remember i said something about timing . . . .

saxy was late coming home. i wasn't sure what was up, but it certainly wasn't anything i would have expected. i called to find out where he was and when he'd be home. he'd already gotten a couple of hysterical calls from me -- like i said, the reformatting wasn't without it's problems. and then he tells me his news:

a semi hit him and sent him into another car. this was during rush hour, so no one was going fast, and everyone was okay, but the car -- the car we'd just finished getting smog checked, insured, and registered; the car we used almost all our tax return on -- that car was totaled. oh, it was drivable, but the repairs are going to be more than the thing is worth. fortunately semi-guy had insurance, so, once we have the police report, we should be able to get a settlement. how much is in question. we're hoping at least the $1500 we paid. i'm not holding my breath.

yea, i kinda lost it after that. i think it was probably a good thing i didn't manage to get completely back online until the next day, even if barely (our router software has disappeared).

right now, my machine isn't up 100%, but it's workable. i'm slowly reinstalling stuff as i need it, and the machine isn't behaving the way it did when it was brand new, but it is behaving better than it has been since even before the comcast thing. we need to purchase a new router and might need to pick my up a new sound card, but we'll see on that second. right now an ipod is looking like a better deal. :P

on my to do list, in addition to continuing the machine fixes and writing, and the editing jobs that are coming up real quick here, is to get through all my shit, sort it all out. and save what i don't need on the hard drive on something else . . . TWICE.

the truck is back, but hopefully that's temporary since $50/week is more than our insurance for the car for a month. once we get the pay out, if it's enough, we look for and find another car and get the truck back to mcat.

in a really bizarre twist, however, mcat has given us another win 98 machine -- and he didn't even know about the reformatting. there's no software disks for the hardware, so i'm not sure how useful it will be yet. however, a second win 98 machine has been offered to us, and saxy's pretty sure the couple sending it our way will have software discs for the hardware. if that's the case, the one with drivers will replace saxy's win xp monster (which has never worked right since the day it arrived from dell), the one without drivers will go to the kids for homework and whatnot, and the xp monster can go to jewel if she wants it. she'll be stuck without certain things -- we only have one complete copy of ms office and i'm not giving it up, but she will have a machine.

and in a small piece of good news, my story "god of light" has been published in worlds of wonder's first print issue. you can order it here: worlds of wonder, summer 2007. it's available in both pdf and hard copy. if you don't mind it, order pdf since it gives the magazine more support.

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