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"Bridge of Wings -
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i'm doing some major thinking and rethinking about over recent years it has slowly begun to downsize. first the linkware was taken off-line. then a few of my journals got moved. and now all but 2 rings are gone -- and both belong to someone else (well, 1 of the 2 will soon belong to someone else). i'm even considering which fan listings to close or adopt out.

it's not that i love any less; i adore my site. it's more a case of time and shifting focus. and that all the things i kept up with here in the past have either fallen by the wayside or moved, with only a few exceptions. i've even considered putting my linkware back online, but i just don't have the time to get the old stuff up, and i don't have the time or the interest to add new stuff occasionally.

whysper will eventually move -- i have a domain purchased for it, just not money to put it up. it'll be weird having a domain just for the journal, but i also like the idea of having whysper off on its own space.

the fl's i keep will stay, so will chimera, my mckillip shrine, and a year of reading (i may, however, go back to hand updating ayor -- it's so small, that the spam via the software form isn't worth the time it supposedly saves). pretty much what is left on here is links -- links to family sites, links to a few resource sites i rarely visit any more (since i don't do much web design work these days), links to where content that used to be housed here on domynoes has been moved to, links to the other domains i own and associated hostees and such.

really, when i look at the files sitting in my ftp, i wonder why there are so many -- there isn't that much left here at domynoes! it really has become a shell of what it once was.

amazing. i've become jaded.

well, not really. what i have become is more focused and realizing that my net time needs to be more focused elsewhere. i need to start paying more attention to and dii, in particular. my .net doesn't need that much attention anymore. it's primarily for hostees, and i'm not accepting any new hostees right now. my current ones are fine, but if they all left, i think i could close the .net doors without too much trouble. or just keep it for the booklog. and dii is easy to keep up with -- the members pretty much keep me busy with it all, but alden tends to get badly ignored, and it's the one site that shouldn't be.

i'll grant you, i'm not some big famous writer (dare i say, 'yet'?), but alden is my author site. i really shouldn't let it languish, particularly now that i do have things getting published on occasion. it needs my attention and it needs to be updated. to help with that, i've even moved my personal links and browser homepage over.

and this is what i mean by my focus shifting. it's not that i don't like web design any more, it's that my writing is my priority. if i didn't have a "real" job, it probably wouldn't be a big deal -- i'd probably be able to find time for those other interests. but what time teaching doesn't eat up with planning, time in the classroom, grading, meetings, and, eventually, my own classes for my certificate, needs to be divided between my family and my writing. there isn't much room for anything else. won't disappear off the net completely. things like my fl's do not belong at -- things that are bits of personal interest that do not belong on either the author site or at dii will continue to find their way here. and whysper won't be moving for some time. but the truth is it will end up being neglected more often than not. the truth is it will continue to be downsized. and the truth is, as much as i don't want to, i will have to continue to reassess and let things go. not an easy decision, but necessary for me to keep my focus where it needs to be . . .

with my dreams.

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conscious, capable of feeling and perception, responding with feeling, capable of responding emotionally rather than intellectually

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