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tuesday, june 6, 2006

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it's already been quite a morning for us. i'm not normally a superstitious person, but today seems to be living up to its 666 mystique already.

it started with saxy getting his days mixed up. not a big deal, except he lost one or two precious hours for his paycheck. $30 may not seem like much to most people; for us it medications, milk and bread, and so on. and he hasn't been working the extra hours he thought he would be, not yet anyway, so every penny he makes is precious since i'm not working again until fall. (and even then since i only make $1500 tops -- not enough to support us alone). so there ended up being much rushing around as he pulled together his lunch, got the trash to the curb, and left for work much later than he normally would have.

and i can almost guarantee you, he'll be quite the cranky boy when he gets home. he's not the most flexible person in the world, and any disruption in what he thought was the plan for the day completely throws him off. so, yea, cranky man when he gets home.

shortly after he left, froggy and jewel were goofing off (which is a wonderful thing, really, considering jewel's recent behavior) and froggy took a header into the corner of a cabinet. the cut in her eyebrow is tiny (though it might have gotten stitches if we took her in to urgent care, i just didn't see the need), but man did it bleed. and hurt! poor girl was just a screaming away. i cuddled her up while cleaning it and pressing a cloth to it to get the bleeding to stop, and while putting on antibiotic ointment and band-aids (it took 2, one on top of the other, to deal with the still seeping blood).

i know i tend to be less of a hovering parent than most, but i am most definitely there when it counts. i don't hover or hand my kids everything because it's my job to prepare them for life in the rest of the world. i'm afraid the world doesn't hand us much of anything. so i try not to coddle, i try to make the kids think and work on solutions, i provide a safety net without providing the answers. (and it should be noted that jewel has less of a safety net, but it's still there as long as she lives in the house. the relationship may be different than what i would have it be, but i didn't throw her out, just stepped back.)

but when they get hurt? yea, i'm there. so froggy got a good dose of mothering, ointment and band-aids, and tylenol. and now she's taking it easy watching a movie. and will probably take it easy for most of the rest of the day. she's going to have quite a bump and bruise on her noggin. and she may even end up with quite an interesting scar.

it's actually interesting to note that both my obviously adhd children ended up with cuts on their foreheads from tumbles into sharp objects. taz took his while jumping on his toddler bed. it's barely noticeable now, but he has a scar on the outer end of one eyebrow. that did need stitches.

no wonder i'm gray before my time. yeesh.

i did try calling saxy when this happened -- not that i planned to bring him home to take her in to u.c., but, you know, something like this happens and you just gotta contact the other parent in the house. saxy's cell has been having issues for quite some time now -- not always receiving calls, not always making calls, not always keeping the signal -- so i guess it should have been no surprise that i couldn't reach him. i finally gave up after about 30 minutes of trying. just seemed pointless since she was happily settled in mama's bed watching tv.

since then the cats have lost their minds, gotten into things they don't normally get into, knocked down a bunch of stuff. they're being quite the psycho-kitties. actually, vagner is making a liar out of me at the moment and napping on the cat tree. not sure where ororo went -- probably up in froggy's room.

all that in the space of about 2 hours. let's hope the rest of the day doesn't live up to the mystique.

not that i'm superstitious or anything. ;)

btw, word of the moment is back -- not sure why it got skipped in the new layout this year. must have been those high schoolers i subbed for for 3 months. addled my brains when i put up the new layout. ;)

word of the moment: sentient

conscious, capable of feeling and perception, responding with feeling, capable of responding emotionally rather than intellectually

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