friday, may 19, 2006

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monday, my "long term" position became a non-long term position, then became a maybe long term position, and, finally became a "we'll take it one day at a time -- go ahead and come in tomorrow" kind of deal. i was frazzled before class even started after being put in the same classroom, then put in a different classroom, only to go back to the same classroom.

tuesday, there's another major explosion at the house and the whole relationship with the second oldest daughter implodes.

wednesday and thursday in the classroom sucked majorly. these kids . . . i wouldn't say they are tough, not in the way i understand tough to be. they've just had a hard time with an apparently flaky teacher, different subs, grades being messed up, and so on. it's made them crazier than they probably normally would be if they'd had a firm, consistent teacher from the beginning without all the subs and stuff. but knowing what's causing it all doesn't make it any easier to deal with them in the classroom. it being the end of the year doesn't help much either. ;)

wednesday it also looked like jewel was reconsidering this whole adulthood now thing, only to have it be another manipulation (conscious or not).

thursday i also found out i needed to completely revamp my plans for the last couple of days of school.

today my homeroom loses it -- and all the rewards they were going to get on the last day of school. their sticker cards are gone or going to be gone on monday.

i spend 4 hours after my last class cleaning up a room full of stuff that isn't mine because lord knows if i'll be cleaning it up on thursday or friday but it has to be cleaned up. hubby picks me up and he's sick AND wasn't paid today. we have no money for bills, no money for the rent, no money for gas for him to work next week.

and add to that a rather idiotic comment from my brother to my husband about how we should throw jewel out on the street and how we're "not being parents." he has way to many stupid opinions. he wants saxy to go with him to a sales job and saxy has had to repeatedly tell him he's not doing it but my brother wouldn't take no for an answer until saxy said "domy won't go for it."

at some point in the week, i even had a parent threaten to get me removed via the school board if she had to because of the amount of work i gave her precious son. now, you have to understand, all but 1 or 2 of the assignments given to him were from the previous 2 weeks and should have already been turned in. also know that the child lied and told her i called kids "stupid and ugly."

and i still have a stack of stuff to grade.

this week has gone by in an amazing blur, for which i probably should be grateful.

and it's no wonder i've been exhausted all week. i need to get as far away from this past week as i can as soon as possible.

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