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mug me heat
monday, may 19, 2003

this weekend proved summer's on it's way. can you say hot and muggy? saturday we went to see matrix reloaded. on the way to the theater. it was just hot. it's been getting hot around 9 or 10 a.m. at the latest over the last week or so. when we left the theater, it was not only hot, but humid. a storm was blowing through. while the wind made things a bit more bearable, the humidity was killer.

the storm moved out, but the heat and humidity pretty much permeated the weekend.

to make matters worse, our cooler sounded like it was threatening to explode any minute so we pretty much have been keeping it off until maintenance comes to check it out (which they did this morning, thank god!). this means we all survived on fans in the first heat of summer. and the that pretty much sapped the motivation right out of us to do anything. we sat around, we slept, we watched some tv, i managed some reading. that's it.

i say this every year: summer is going to be a killer. but this year it seems to be starting just about on time instead of 2 months early, so maybe it won't be quite so bad. last year wasn't as bad as expected, although the year before we had brown outs and several deaths in the so cal area.

the hardest thing about making it through is the cooler. it's a swamp cooler, which means it uses water to cool the air. which means it adds to the humidity level. why hud won't switch us to a regular cooling system, i don't know. maybe they're hoping we'll move on the account of sweating to death from the humidity. i used to turn off the cooler as soon as possible and open windows and doors, but the violence level has gone up in the neighborhood of late, so even that may not be a good option for keep cool any more.

i just have to be grateful i'm not ororo or gypsy. i cannot imagine being in the middle of summer and under all that fur.

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