thursday, may 25, 2006

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another year of subbing is finally done. as much as i'll miss the income for the next couple of months, i am more relieved than anything now. this last bunch had me not wanting to go to work at all and i seriously considered calling in sick the last day. but that would have made the work i did on their finals a waste and i'm not wasting anything that keeps me up until 3 a.m. the bizarre thing this week was that their regular teacher was at the school but the school decided to keep me in the classroom to "keep from disrupting the kids any further."

uh, yea, right. i'm telling you, there was something more than her being sick going on there.

anyway, she took the kids out on their field day so i could finish grading -- which i actually didn't quite manage, but got enough done for what they needed. for the rest of the day, however, the kids were psychotic. seeing their regular teacher, field day, and yearbook signing was just too much for them. i don't know why the school didn't do these things the very last day instead of the day before the last day.

for the last day, i did finals since the kids had lost all their rewards from me. they also got told that any misbehavior that required them to be removed from the room would get them sent home. they were to do as they were told and that's it. and, in general, they did, so we watched march of the penguins after the second final and before clean up. they got more than a little nuts then, but we (my team teacher -- who also had a sub today -- and i) managed to get them through and off to their connections classes. then my class's regular teacher came in to finish her classroom packing so she could be moved to a new room. i picked up my things and went to the front office and they told me i was done.

course, i still had to wait till about 5 p.m. (i was released at around 2:30) for saxy to come and get me since he had to get back up from work and pick up froggy then wait for taz's bus before he could come and get me. no big since i got to just sit back and relax in the office away from the kids and the drama.

so, school is out for about 2 1/2 months. all that's left for me to do is get my resume out like i had planned last week . . . or was it the week before? i can't remember anymore. i have a few new things to add to my portfolio and a ton of stuff for my school resource files -- new projects and things that i might be able to use in the future. assuming i get hired, anyway.

i have a ton of things to get done now that i have some time. dii actually has my attention first. we have summer madness coming up and i need to work on crests and get forums and things up. market finder needs an update desperately plus i need to get the community for it finished, and much of the rest of my site needs a clean up (not to mention that whysper needs the archive update finished) and updating. i have to unbury my desk before i can do any more writing -- and i have a lot of writing to get done.

we also have quite a busy summer planned with taz. his i.e.p. went well, and he's been progressing wonderfully. next year will be at a new school, which i'm not too happy about, but there's not much i can do about it at this point. the new teacher doesn't seem as energetic as his current one, but i think the current teacher is actually planning to keep tabs on the situation, so at least that's something. in the mean time, there's a lot of things we need to get started here at home now that we're more settled and less frazzled overall. so it'll be a busy summer, just like last summer.

most people would probably tell me to take a break right about now -- to not worry about all this stuff for a day or two, but, as we all know, domy can't not be busy. the writing may end up waiting (especially since i needed to order some more paper) while i get other things sorted out or up and running or whatever they need to be, but i'm already moving on to what i need to do for some things in my head. i just can't seem to kick back the way most people can. i'm sure the summer heat will knock me out for a bit at some point today since our cooler is being freaky again., so my tendency to be doing something most of the time will come in handy.

at least until the night owl schedule comes into play again. it'll be a bit harder to get things done at 2 a.m. when the hubby wants to sleep. ;)

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