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school changing
monday, august 1, 2005

before i go into froggy's mini-move, oldest called yesterday. she had maybe 5 minutes - less when the phone finally got to me! she sounded good - very chipper so far. i'm tempted to say that might change, but she may have done a very wise thing going into the military. so far, at least, it seems to suite her. her platoon (#1!) has been named "young gun." not sure how i feel about that, but i suppose the name isn't all that important as long as she gets the specific training and job she was promised. she made sure we have the right address to snail mail her (we do) and let us know letters are okay, packages are not, told us she's been busy and is doing okay (though she's not started anything too strenuous), and loved us. then she was gone. it was good to hear from her, even as briefly as it was, and it was good to hear her sounding so cheerful. i've been quite worried about her. today her first letters go out from us - we put all of them in one envelope. the only one who didn't write anything was saxy and he said it was because we'd all already covered anything he'd want to tell her. lol

he's such a nugget.

wednesday is becoming a busier day than we'd had planned. in addition to checking out my classroom and getting the supplies and things over there i want (as well as bringing home any books and plans so i can be prepared next monday), and running up the jewel's school to pick up her schedule and all that, we'll be running from the school i sub to the school froggy is currently enrolled in to get her transferred. i called the school i'll be subbing at this morning to make sure that i can make the transfer and doing so is, apparently, a perk of being employed in the district. i'll even be able to pick the teacher (although the teacher i wanted has been moved to 7th grade this year).

froggy's original school had me . . . concerned. i would have kept her there if i had gotten the drama position since i'd be able to keep an eye on her things then and get a better feel for the school, but since i'm not going to be working there, i have to go by parental instincts and gut feelings instead. right now, with this school, it's not good. any time i've called there, the office staff has been just this side of being rude, if they answered the phone at all (i have been hung up on more than once). and then there's the fact that school didn't meet the state standards last year. it all just gives me a not so comfortable feeling. the school we're moving her to had problems last year, but it was a brand new school and i know enough of the people there to be comfortable moving here there. then there's the added bonus of putting her in with a teacher i want. and they passed their crct's and made the state standards. works for me folks! there's the added bonus of the school being close enough that driving her there won't be too much of an imposition even when i go elsewhere to sub later in the year.

so wednesday, in addition to everything else, we'll be getting the transfer paperwork taken care and trying to get her enrolled. that means picking up the appropriate form from the school we're transferring her to and getting the principle to sign, going to the school we're transferring from and getting that principle to sign, and going back to the transfer to school and taking care of any additional paperwork on top of all that. i'm just hoping we can get it all done in one day so she can start at the new school on the first day, rather than having to come in a week late or whatever.

so hard to believe school starts in another week. i'd ask where the summer went, but it's not that the summer went quickly, it's that the kids don't get the whole of it for vacation. which i suppose has its advantages. somewhere around now kids generally start with the "i'm booooooored" stuff and i won't have to hear it.

now i just need to figure out how to get the lists of school supplies already sitting on the table. yeesh.

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