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sunday, august 1, 2004

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okay, so being up 3 nights in a row till after 4 am is a bad thing when you're getting sick. add to that running around like a maniac and getting up at god awful hours in the morning, and it's a recipe for disaster. yes, indeed, i got really sick for a couple of days there, and was in a lot of pain to boot. i really ought to know better.

on friday i went to the social security office. i needed to be there as early as possible so i could make one of those 4 residency change appointments they have first thing in the morning (and only first thing in the morning, and only 4 of them per day). it seriously looked like we weren't going to make it in time. first we got off to a late start, leaving at nearly 8 a.m. granted, the office opens at 8:30, but if you've been to an ssa office lately, you know to make something like this, you have got to be one of the first people in line. anyway, using my trusty map, i found the street the office was on, but then made a wrong turn and ended up having to drive in a huge circle to get back to where i needed to be. by the time i made it to the office, i was pretty sure i would not get on of those 4 appointments that day. however, a young woman took pity on me with my 3 anxious to leave kids and gave me an extra number she had (somehow she had gotten 2), bumping me up 20 people. i made it and taz is now listed as a resident of georgia.

now i just have to pay back about $230 in over payment since georgia gives around $115 less than cali. and they want a lump sum check. blea. (i prefer having a percentage taken out every month.)

next came the trip to the post office, in this case, the hidden post office. i had the address, i knew where the street was, but when it came to finding it, that was a whole different story because you can't actually see the post office from the street it's supposed to be on. you have to go down a street and find it behind a strip mall. fortunately, there was no big circle in trying to get back to where it was and, when coming from the other direction, the sign that says post office is pretty easy to see. the gift for the oldest, jewel's broken glasses (taz apparently sat on them because neither jewel nor kitten seem to think they should be wearing their glasses all the time even though they are blinder than bats without them), and the money order and request form for my birth certificate all sent.

later, saxy and i went to wal-mart. by this time i was tired,but i didn't realize i was also in trouble in other ways. one of the things i was supposed to get was some bookshelves, but wal-mart had like next to no selection, so we didn't manage to pick them up. we did start picking up taz's birthday presents (between my mother and his dad, he got $65 in birthday money), and then we were going to go and find something for supper for the kids, drop that off, then go out for some alone time as a couple. no go. my back started spazzing in a real bad way. so badly i couldn't eat. heck, i could barely sit. so we stopped off at mcdonald's and picked up some dinner. i tried to eat my salad, but ended up going to bed. before 9 p.m..

i was feeling better yesterday, which was a good thing. we still had mcat's truck, so went to the mall of georgia to finish off taz's birthday present shopping. we had lunch there, did quite a bit more shopping than we should have (we definitely have to wait a bit longer on those bookshelves now, but i'm okay with it - and we're talking about getting these modular pieces we saw at wal-mart, and i could add a piece or two at a time as we can afford it with those, they're only $14 each), then came home and stopped by an anime store that's near our house. unfortunately the anime place doesn't carry much dubbed for sale, but it does have quite a bit for rent, so that will work.

we're talking about taking a peek at a place out here called the war room today, but we'll see. mcat says we have the truck till monday a.m., but i've been ignoring my writing for a few days now because of all the running around. still, it would be nice to be able to go into a real gaming store again. since the ones we had locally in cali closed, it's been awhile. besides, saxy needs dice.

hopefully i'm done crashing like i did friday evening. i really would have liked to have gone out for some alone time with hubby (more valuable than bookshelves or the godiva truffles he bought for me!). just have to remember: bed time before 2:30 a.m., especially if i'm getting sick and have running around planned.

i've become such a wimp.

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