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tuesday, july 19, 2005

monday was something of a long day, although i don't think it was all what we did that made it that way. the day was hot and humid, and the car has only 5/65 a/c - 5 windows (when you count the sunroof) at 65 mph. i'm sure that had a big affect on how the day felt. well, that and all the running all over creation today. we even decided to skip a couple of schools because they were further out in creation than we were willing to go, especially considering being hired would make going that far out in creation a daily thing.

saxy took jewel out to drop off her application first. turns out the manager of the place we trying to get her a job at was off. no big. it might be tough for her to break through for her first job, but we'll see. they took the app, anyway. they came right home while i finished up and printed out copies of a cover letter for my resume packets. then we were off to deposit saxy's check into the bank before the big run of the day.

first stop after the bank: the county offices. two of them since i had the wrong one figured as where we needed to go for the first of them. turns out there are seven different office locations out here for this county. saxy waited in the car (the poor guy) while i went in to turn in my scores and find out if my file was complete. turns out it was a good thing i did. they only had the one recommendation from the last school i subbed at listed on the computer, and you need 3 to get hired. so i ended up having to use an in-house phone to verify that everything was there, and the woman i spoke to had to go pull my file from records. with my pII scores in, the file's complete and i am now considered hirable by the county. they probably still have to get it all put into the computer - she had to find my transcripts as well as the recommendations, but hopefully that's all settled and there won't be any more problems.

then we went to my son's school. turns out the secretary i spoke to thinks they only have a couple of parapro positions. parapros help with special needs classes. because i have a special needs son and he's really all the special needs i can take in one day, i don't do special needs classes. however, i was also including the writing colass outline and syllabus in my resume packet, so we'll see if that brings about any nibbles. however, taz's school was, and still is, kind of a long shot. it's one of those schools that you can tell everyone wants to work at, so it's unlikely they'll have any openings at all for me. well, except the parapro, and, as i said, i'm not doing special needs. title 1, yes; special needs, no.

i also took this opportunity to check on my son's bussing. there was some mix up or something and his bus has yet to be confirmed. i have the name and number of someone to call on thursday about it.

next we were off to the school i subbed at for the end of last year. they are definitely in the process of getting ready for the new year - i saw the stacks and stacks and stacks and stacks and . . . well, you get the picture, of registration packets, plus they're moving furniture and equipment around. the principle was booked up solid - which i discovered was pretty much the case at all the schools i stopped at. still, miss d, the secretary, took my resume packet and seemed quite glad to receive it. if i don't get taz's school, this one would be my second choice because of familiarity with the staff and the close location. taz's had the advantage of being able to transfer froggy there and then both kids going in to school with me rather than having anyone wait with them for buses. which, of course, would give saxy longer hours at work.

speaking of which, my brother called while we were out and about - right about the time we left taz's school actually, and bitched that hubby wasn't ever to take monday off again. now, i was the one who told him i was stealing saxy yesterday and i also told him it was to get these resumes in because new teachers are supposed to report on the 25th. that's less than a week away. i thought i'd made the importance of this quite clear. both saxy and i are a bit put out that he had to call saxy and bitch at him about it. so saxy's missing one day. a day that will hopefully get me employed as a full time teacher rather than a sub. one would think mcat could have just dealt with whatever was going on. but, no, he had to call and bitch about it. we're both hoping he's not going to be a jerk if saxy has to go in late or leave early to get me to an interview.

anyway, after school #2 we hit 2 other middle schools, both i've subbed at, and both with missing or busy principles. neither were on the scale of busyness that school #2 was in, but you could tell it's getting down to the wire for them too. most of the schools had a few outside workers there, moving stuff, working on yards, and so on. the offices were quiet, but the phones were going and the secretaries were being quite busy - most answering questions about registration dates and things of that nature. we were supposed to go to a third school, one i had warned saxy was kinda out there, but he thought might be closer than i thought, but in the end i was right and we turned around. just the idea of having to make that trip every day was enough to torpedo putting my resume in there. ;)

at this point we went hunting for either a soup plantation or an olive garden. we'd walked out without breakfast. i hadn't even had anything to drink. the heat and humidity were making us both kinda cranky and miserable. we pulled out the map. it actually took us a bit of time to find anything that resembled either restaurant, and it ended up being a sweet tomatoes (which we didn't know was associated wit soup plantation until after we sat down and saw a comment card for both on the table). while we ate (pretty good food too!), we looked over the map where i had marked my subbing schools to see if 2 of the 3 remaining school possibilities were local enough. while i think the daily trip wouldn't be a big deal, we decided to leave go at dropping off a resume at froggy's school.

which i must say, i'm not too sure i want to work at froggy's school. i've only had a couple of experiences with it, mostly on the phone, then yesterday trying to hunt down the front door, and a letter stating the school had not done well on its crct's so isn't performing up to standards, and i'm not particularly impressed. the only opening the secretary could think of that they had was for drama. she asked if i had any experience, and i told her when i was younger. honestly, i could probably do it, but i think i'd rather not. heck, i may even attempt to move froggy to whatever school i end up at because of the whole below standards thing. (apparently once you're a teach, you can transfer your child to any school you want and keep him/her there.) but we'll see. i'm a bit leery of transferring her in to school #2, though the 6th grade teachers there are generally very good. it's the residual problem kids i'd be worried about.

we came home from froggy's school, i started reading hp and saxy started his star wars game. at some point i took a rather long nap and woke up to another storm rolling its way through, almost quite literally. i don't recall hearing any rain, but there was definitely thunder. by supper, the thing was clearing up. i spent the evening finishing up hp, and now i'm thinking of playing ff8 until i pass out - which shouldn't take too long. despite the nap, i still feel pretty groggy and out of it. i think i may have done a number on myself by not taking anything to drink with me when we left this morning. the heat out here is very different than in so cal.

but now the file is complete, resumes are out to most of the local schools, so all i can do, really, is wait and see if someone calls. even if they don't want me for the writing class, full time would be good. full time with 5 years to get accredited. like i said, the county is desperate for teachers and subs. hopefully the wait won't be too long.

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