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friday, july 29, 2005

so, no full time . . . yet. the drama position at the youngest's school was filled this past week, and not by me. and, yea, i'm pretty upset about it. this is the second principle that has been impressed with my resume or work and liked the propose writing class who ended up hiring someone else. i know something will come eventually, but, really, i need full time as soon as possible. as it is, my first check and probably half of saxy's checks in august will be going to august and september rent, with august being made in payments. and i've still got a lot to do on utilities right now.

really, the best outcome for us would be me working full time and us moving into a cheaper place overall. i mean cheaper rent/house payments and cheaper utilities (old house + old appliances/writing/pipes = expansive utilities no matter how you try to trim down use). more ideally would be to have another vehicle, but the concern there is whether or not the additional hours saxy could work would offset insurance (we'd try to buy used so we could avoid monthly payments) and repairs (which a used, older vehicle is likely to have a lot of).

one step at a time, right?

the good news is the calls are already starting for subbing. a high school called me earlier this week to make sure i was still available as a sub this year - apparently a lot of last year's subs have gone full time and she was trying to figure out who she had left from last year's people. today, the school with the psycho class of last year called for a long term position that starts at the beginning of this year. one of their teachers broke her leg and will be out for a bit. not sure how long a person needs to convalesce for a broken leg, but it puts me in a long term position (i.e., 10-45 days in the same classroom, might be more - not too sure about the long term sub positions) from day 1 and pays more during the days i work. not a lot more, but more.

so, yea, at least i'll be working during a period when they probably don't need many subs to begin with. and i'll still be able to interview and whatnot. but i'll also still be making half what i would as a full time teacher. if things weren't so tight for us, i wouldn't be so worried about it. plus there's no benefits until i am full time, and saxy needs those. heck, i'm sure linnorm would prefer it if he could pay half the premium to us and we pay half, and then take the kids off his insurance - easier for everyone all around, i think.

like i said, one step at a time, i just wish those steps would come a little faster.

speaking of steps and needing to be a little faster, hitomi and ororo have really been getting into it. the growling hissy fits are escalating, though we have yet to have a full fledged, all out battle between the two. hitomi seems determined to not try to get along here. hitomi is being slow to adjust to anything. took her weeks to decide to explore the house, and she still avoids the living room for the most part. she still growls a little at vagner, but it's not nearly as bad as with roro. vagner is a smart kitty - he gets out of the way when the girls start going at it. but he and hitomi have sniffed noses, and hitomi growls a little, and he leaves, so they're making some progress. hitomi and roro, though, wow. there's a queen fight there. hitomi has learned about the cat box, as far as we can tell, so that's progress, but she apparently is slow to adjust to anything.

i guess, just like the job, she needs time.

word of the moment: phlegmatic

stolidly calm, unexcitable; unemotional; having or showing a slow and stolid temperament

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