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june weirdness
wednesday, june 1, 2005

it's probably commonplace out here, but this is the first time i've experienced the first of june with rain. i'm sure in cali it's something like 90 degrees or so without a cloud in the sky. rain came wandering in here sometime monday evening, was intermittent tuesday, but had pretty much settled in to stay by tuesday evening. it's just weird to me.

the good news is that it's not some nasty, overly dramatic thunder storm. so taz is in the clear. the bad news is that it still brought a storm headache. not as bad as they can get, but still requiring medication to be dealt with so i could function today. not so good for me. and now it looks like jewel is coming down with the cold that was going around with taz, saxy, and i a few weeks ago.

definitely not normal for june. not for me anyway - and not for my kids. sick in june? doesn't usually happen.

and then there's the car. never mind it's weird even having a car, but now we have to worry about getting said car fixed. it's having trouble waking up in the morning - as if it were one of those winter days that make a car too cold to start right away. it's not that cold, but the car is acting like it.

even more weird is the kids. it's their 5th day of vacation and they are already bored! and, for some reason, the suggestion of dishes and house cleaning just isn't helping! seriously though, these kids are finally in a neighborhood where they can go outside and play and not have me freaking out because they're talking to the neighbors, and they are at a loss. they've read everything they own, jewel can write "only so much!", and, of course, the weird (to us, anyway) weather isn't helping. jewel wants to go to the mall - not that she can reach it by walking, and has decided she's not as interested in getting a job as she thought. froggy is willing to practice her math, but needs help remembering. taz, well, taz was always a hard one to entertain.

i was worried that keeping them safe from the gang bangers in our neighborhood in cali would be a problem later and it looks like i was right. froggy is doing the best in learning about outdoor play, but jewel is just hopeless. and it's not like she wouldn't make friends. last time she was outside a whole passel of boys collected in our driveway pretty quick.

i didn't say they would be the right friends, just that she would make friends.

seriously though, saxy's more worried about this than i am. but this is the man kitten had to beg to allow her fiancé to stay here for a week to experience georgia. this is the man who liked my open door policy when we met, and hated it when he moved in. he's not a social creature. at least not the point the girls and i are. and he's territorial - this is his home and he doesn't want to share it. it's frustrating, his negativity when it comes to social things for me and the kids. he rarely does much himself, he doesn't want to - although he may have, at last, found someone to hang out with on weekends playing chess and such.

some of his crankiness is coming back now that i'm off for a couple of months. i probably should have expected that, just not quite so soon. he doesn't do well when he's the "sole provider" - the pressure eats at him. and, again, the timing is just off for us. the kids should have another month of school just about, which means i should be working about another month. of course, there is the up side of it all: it's only a 2 month vacation instead of 3.

the only thing that seems at all normal is that i'm studying for a test. i was in school so long that not studying for a june final is weird. granted, this is not a final, and not nearly as interesting as my classes, and just a little too all-encompassing, but at least it feels somewhat normal. even the complaints are normal because i really don't want to be working on a study guide and reading novels i didn't pick for myself. but that was the norm for years.

it's hard to believe it's june already. we're about halfway through the year. what happened to it all.

and on friday, whysper turns 5. oh my. it would be nice to have it all fixed in time for its birthday, but not likely to happen. there's just no time for it right now.

it's raining again.


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