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saturday, may 30, 2005

i've been quite the busy bee this weekend: something like 5 crits, 2 revisions, and a ton of stuff for dii. friday i sent off 3 stories to new markets, including what i think is one of my better vampire stories out on its maiden market voyage. other than all that, it's been pretty quiet. saxy had to buy a part for the jetta saturday; fixing will come sometime later this week. jewel spent saturday night at a friend's. i started a new novel late last night. well, not so much as started it as moved on to actually plotting it. saxy's spent the weekend, when not working or driving around looking for jetta parts, playing his new star wars ps2 game. as for the littles, froggy's played with play-do, read, and a few other things - nothing major, and taz, well, taz has spent time in his room and with his dog. it's always quieter when jewel is off to a friend's house - a lot less arguing going on.

i also filled out 2 forms - one for our auto insurance and one for social security - and have them ready to go out in tomorrow's mail. this morning i finished my app for a provisional position with the county, so that's going out tomorrow as well.

today didn't start off so hot, considering a storm that's been hovering on the edges finally moved in last night. while not one of the usual, bigger drama queens typical for out here, it still gave me a nasty headache this morning. still, the rain isn't that bad, no lightening and thunder, and the headache responded to tylenol instead of needing an additional dose of advil migraine, so it's not too bad. the plan today is to watch star wars episode II in prep for seeing revenge of the sith next week (or the week after - depending on finances). jewel is off to see a performance by one of her friends (ballet), so we'll be watching with taz and froggy. i have stuff printed out to crit and novels to revise, but will probably try to focus on my study guide for the praxis II.

i've been off work for 4 days and haven't touched it. about time to, i think, especially since the test is less than 2 weeks away (june 11).

but it felt really good to be writing and critting again. i really needed to do that for a bit. now i have almost all my shorts that can be posted at dii - the only one still left one that i'm not too eager to tackle any time soon - and i've met all my critter obligations there as well. i have 2 other groups i just joined that i need to do a crit each for, but that can wait for a bit. it will have to - that praxis test date is way too close and i still have a lot of reading and study guide stuff to get through!

what i really need to find time for is my site. there's a lot that needs to be done with it and not a whole heck of a lot of summer for me to do it in! and really, my novel is far more important to me, so finding time for domynoes is going to be a real trick this summer. and it gets harder once the school year starts again, especially if i get that full time position. what i really need is a laptop so i can work even when i'm resting on the couch.

course, if i had money for a laptop, it'd go into the car and bills right now. lol

with so much going on and so much to do, i can only hope i can keep motivated through the summer. it's the only way i'll get anything done. i've done good so far, but it's only been 4 days and i was seriously writing deprived. i've got another 71 to go and way too much to do.

and they call this a vacation. ;)

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