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friday, may 27, 2005

today wasn't quite as productive as yesterday despite an earlier wake up time. it didn't help i got awakened twice this morning - once by the husband needing some affection and the second time by froggy being just plain loud. froggy is seriously like her mother was at the same age - in need of volume control. waking up more than once before i actually get up tends to make for a bad day for me, although today wasn't really bad, just not . . . as productive as it could/should have been. and most the productivity was focused on dii, though i did get a few things subbed. beyond that i just got too easily distracted - something i thought i had all figured out and under control before we even moved out here.

the weekend looks like it'll be pretty quiet. mcat is off for 3 days with a new girlfriend, so saxy will be home for the most part. tomorrow he takes the jetta in to get fixed - the fan is out of wack and causing other problems. and it makes it hard for saxy to run around in the humid heat with the windows rolled down and the heater on to relieve the temp of the engine. as summer progresses, him driving this way is less an option, so time to get the monster fixed.

tomorrow i take jewel off to get some shoes with the money she earned. i was supposed to do it tonight, but it doesn't take much to wipe me out when we go running around, which we did tonight. both computers needed ink (man, was that ever expensive!) and we picked up some practice books in reading and math for froggy.

which leads us to another dose of good news. froggy brought home her report card and not a single 'd' on it. she's struggled so hard to get to where she needs to be to get promoted, and she's done it! pending all the freaking tests they seem to love out here, that is. so far that advance word is good - she passed her writing and we got another prelim report from somewhere saying she'd done well with that as well. so today i picked up books in the 2 problem areas to keep her from losing anything and having to go through this all over again. she was considered gifted in cali and shouldn't be struggling so much out here just because of a school change. i think once she's got her foundations reinforced, she'll be fine.

the kiddos will probably spend a lot of time doing what they're doing right now: running around outside. it's 8 pm and just starting to get dark, so i'll probably call them inside in a few, but it's nice to see them out and playing instead of locked up inside because we're afraid of the neighborhood.

for me, i plan to write, crit, and probably play on the ps2. so wish i could buy a new game. but we've got other concerns at the moment. oh, i might work on that praxis II study guide thingie some more too. but it's going to be slow, lazy, and quiet no matter what i do.

lazy and quiet. somehow, after the past 3 weeks, that sounds very good, even to me. and i'm the one who likes to always be doing something.

sleeping is doing something, right?

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