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tuesday, january 4, 2005

school starts tomorrow.

thank god.

the last few days have been full of constant bickering, constant kid strife. they need to go to school. we need them to go to school. now. yesterday. since neither of these options are available, tomorrow will do.

granted, some of the bickering and fighting is that weird reaction kids have to things like the change in weather or having their visiting sister return home. you can guess on which one i'm betting on. but you add that "stress bickering" to the usual bickering of siblings, and i'm sure you can figure out what kind of agony we're in.

and then there's taz with his self-stimming. the amount of clicking from toys being spun between his fingers and the amount of humming he does increases every day. and we've tried to get him to be interactive and he just won't cooperate. that kid really needs to get back in school.

as for me, i've run out of time . . . sorta. i wanted to get so much more writing done during this vacation and i feel like i got next to nothing taken care of. so far i'm not working tomorrow or thursday, although i've already been called for friday and was scheduled for the 10th and the 14th before vacation started. and i'm sure tomorrow and thursday are a matter of time as well.

which means no more late nights. i really should have gotten myself back on my sleep schedule earlier than this, tomorrow morning is going to be brutal, especially if i don't get called in. i've moved all my teaching and writing stuff i need when i go to work from a backpack to a larger duffel bag. that thing is heavy, but i wanted to add my own dictionary and flip dictionary (even the language arts teachers at the middle and high school levels have some of the worst dictionaries for me, and none of them have a flip dictionary) since i use them quite heavily when revising, and planning period turns into revising period for me once i get myself caught up on any work i need to do for the classroom.

i may not be happy about it, but going back to work is good for us too. we have a lot of utilities coming due next week. i'll be paying most of them on the credit card and frantically putting everything we have in to cover the mess. i also need to write the first check for rent.

i've tried calling about the provisional certificate and, as usual when i try to reach anyone at the district office, had to leave a message. still no response back, either. if i don't work in the next couple of days, i'll have to drive into the office and ask more directly. great place to work, but they really need to work on their responsiveness sometimes.

i think it's time for saxy to get to work too. he's been off since the 31st and he's starting to get that "i need to do something" glaze in his eyes. granted, that did get him started on some unpacking and yard work, but his energy for that stuff only goes so far.

so, i guess, we're looking forward to tomorrow all around.

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