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saturday, january 4, 2003

the day i remove her blog from my reading list i suddenly start seeing her url in my referrals. yes, i have been critiqued by the almighty diary critic. the score i received was low. no surprise there, she rarely gives anyone a good score. over the year or so that i have read her on and off, i have come to one conclusion: she's overly harsh.

but that's her prerogative. everyone has different tastes.

as for her opinion of whysper? whatever. thank you for pointing out the issue with the archives, hopefully i've fixed that. if anyone else sees an issue with the dates and titles not matching, or some other quirk in the design that's just not working and needs to be fixed, feel free to email me and tell me where the problem is. other than that, eh.

see, a friend and i discussed her critiques and she said that i should submit whysper for comment. i do believe i said something about knowing for a fact that she wouldn't like it. my friend thought she would. so i told her if she wanted to, she could go ahead and submit whysper, but i wasn't going to.

this is my journal and i'm not going to be like the dozens of sites that have been devastated by the critic's general dislike of everything that doesn't run to her tastes and either redesign or close down. i change my design once a year and have done so from the beginning, i am not changing that particular habit now. i do think the woman needs to learn to be a bit less rigid and to get over her problem with ellipses (which is a legitimate punctuation mark), but if she doesn't that's her loss. she dislikes my colors and design. oh well. my friends have all said that they like it and they certainly mean more to me than her. but it doesn't matter anyway. it's my journal. i'll design it to my liking. i'm the one who matters here. period.

i won't even get into her supposed logic about capital letters except to say that since she's not me and doesn't have my brain maybe she should try cutting some leeway for people who work and think differently. having a disability does make a difference in the way you do things (and yes, adhd is a disability). oh, and to say that she really needs to think about her keystrokes better: you hit a shift key for a capital, quote, question mark, and colon. most of these are not used very much in every day writing, except the capital. all other letters and punctuation marks, you just hit the key you want, no added shift key. sounds simple, but we all have things that are simple for us that are not necessarily so simple for others.

so, i pretty much got what i expected when my friend told me she had submitted whysper. no surprises. heck, it's actually better than expected.

she actually gave me 1's in design and uniqueness.

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