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friday, april 23, 2004

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i haven't been writing much because there isn't much to write about, really. we pack a little, wait, pack a little more. plan. buy stuff for the trip and cross things off our lists. look into resources we need to find in atlanta. i write. saxy . . . well, saxy's been working on his domain lately. when not reformatting the pc, of course. which, by the way, he finally got working in a semi-reasonable way. still slow. still stupid. but it works. and i didn't have to do. i finally handed everything, including instructions, over to him and told him to do it. this pc tech has quit when it comes to his monster. other than that, nothing much changes and there's no real excitement going on. an oddity in this neighborhood, i suppose, but a nice relief.

friday starts a flurry of doctor's appointments. friday i see my neurologist (i see neurology for the adhd). considering how tough it is to get an appointment with her and that i didn't even call and set it up, it's my guess that my last refill triggered something so they would make an appointment for me. considering what my adhd meds are, i think i'm supposed to see her every 3 or 4 months. i'm pretty sure it's been a year.

some time before the 10th i need to go get my blood drawn and have my iron levels checked because on the 10th i get to see my regular doctor - who will probably ask why it's been so long since he's seen me. i'm hoping the few months i was off the iron didn't set me back too badly. it really is so hard to keep up on my meds when we're in the kind of financial state we've been in. the good news is i have everything refilled and am slowly getting back on track with taking them daily. as for the appointment, we'll check my iron levels and i'll ask him about menopause and the possibility of an operation to deal with my over heavy flow. if i am menopausal, he may feel the operation isn't anything to look into as nature is taking action to shut things down eventually anyway. we'll see.

the following monday isn't a doctor's appointment but an ssi meeting. joy.

but that tuesday is my oldest's first appointment with a female doctor. you should have heard her shock when she was told this was only the first of many uncomfortable female stuff appointments she would have in her life. lol at least i will be with her for this one. (although i can also see her deciding not to make herself another appointment ever again. lol)

and sometime in the near future, before we take off and leave good ole cali for good, we have to do appointments for the 2 younger kiddos. they have their meds to check up on too.

i still panic over this whole thing every now and then. nothing as serious as before, but little mini attacks that are quickly brought under control. thank god the nightmares are gone though. my house is starting to look a bit barren - empty shelves, closets packed with boxes but no stuff, that kind of thing. it's strange. and every now and then we need something that's boxed up.

so, things are quiet here now, but i'm sure as we get closer to the move, and definitely after we get back online once we reach atlanta, things will pick up again. i'm alive, just quietly waiting for things to come to pass.

on one bit of non-quiet, non-sameness. phoenix now has $2000 in scholarships for college. she won her first last year for her psat scores. and she won another $1000 for an essay contest. didn't make regionals, but, hey, that's okay! 2 grand is 2 grand and any parent with kids bound for college would agree with that! shes also told me she's on the honor roll! way to go kitten!

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