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monday, march 22, 2004

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i seriously meant to write this a few days ago, but was too tired from getting the new .com layout online. yes, the new layout, promised for so long, is finally up. i spent several hours recoding the dominodesigns section into downloads so i could close dd for good, then spent more than a bit longer working on links that changed or weren't opening up correctly. by the time i was done at something like 1 in the morning, i wasn't writing any journal entries. lol

i'm pretty pleased with the new design. hopefully it will last the 2 years (or more!) that the pastels did. as mentioned, dd is gone. the writing sections - the journals and such - stayed in their old designs. a few weeks before this design went up, my fan listings collective got a new layout with more vibrant colors to match the new look of the rest of the main part of the site. the spirit pages stayed the same (and one day i WILL get the rest of those online - i hope). the 404 page now goes to the main index page rather than to a 404 or map page, and the map has been removed completely. there's still a few things i need to take care of, like updating some of the info, but it's pretty much done for the moment. although, who knows, i just might get back into the whole web thing again real quick. it's less brain taxing than writing at the moment.

prepping for the move continues. my desk is looking awfully bare without all my little treasures and knickknacks. it's going to be sad when all the dragons get packed. we've cleared out a couple of closets, then reloaded them with packed boxes. quite a bit of stuff has been tossed, not a whole lot worth keeping to sell. i think most our garage sale money will end up coming from furniture since most of that is not coming with us. on the down side of all this, i can't seem to focus enough to do my writing. and i'm having nightmares. i know this will be good for us, so this freaking out thing is driving me nuts. heck, maybe i can't write because all my little extras around my desk are not around my desk any more.

in better news, my oldest's dance team won first place for the national dance association this weekend! their first time for a first place too! i've agreed to try to go her next set competition next week. a 6 am wake up call. *groan* but i do want to see her in competition before i leave. i've also noticed a greater tendency to call us lately. possibly her way of keeping in touch with the impending move. hope she's not afraid we're just going to up and go on her without warning.

there really isn't much to say these days without the move being involved. the cats are being tortured (getting used to harnesses and carriers) for the move - something vagner isn't taking to too well, i'm not sending my stories out because there's no guarantee i'll have a response back before we move, i need to write my brother as soon as we have a map so we can tell him approximately how much help we'll need to pay for the rentals, and so on and so forth. about the only thing not move related is website stuff. the whole thing is taking over my brain, leaving little room for writing and critting and stuff of that nature. and leaving the rest of my a lot less organized. seems the more we pack the messier things get around here, despite putting the packed boxes in closets.

so maybe my thoughts aren't as scattered as they seem, just a lot less focused than usual.

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