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going to take awhile
friday, april 11, 2003

domy is going to be very slow on the uptake, she can already tell.

it's been a good 5 years since i've done any kind of real exercise and over a year since i've even walked on a daily bases. so when i said an unhealthy heavy not too long ago, i meant a really unhealthy heavy. just going grocery shopping makes me hurt even if it's not a large load and i have a ride to and from the store. and i've known for awhile now that i need to do something about the unhealthy part even if the i end up not losing much weight. i need to be able to get around without pain and i need to try to be around for my son for as long as humanly possible. he'll need the support even if he manages to get out of the house and live on his own.

so i picked up some tai chi dvd's. 2 to be exact, one for beginners and one for weight loss. they came in yesterday and i actually started the beginner workout today. started being the operative word here. this worn out, old, lazy, hasn't exercised in years body only made it through the first 5 minutes.

in other words, i barely warmed up.

just great.

the good news is that i really enjoyed it. it reminded me a lot of a slow kind of dancing. the movements themselves were not stressful, just my poor body condition. i figure when things start to hurt and when i am getting out of breath is a good time to stop. hopefully the length of time i can work out will become greater as i contnue, but i expect it to be a long time before i can start the tai chi for weight loss program.

i'm a big old lady who's really starting to feel her age in ways that she shouldn't be. i'm not really that old. but this is going to change. it make take awhile, but it will change.

i'm determined to make this one work out. period.

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