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whirlwind week's end
wenesday, april 9, 2003

boy a job and a vacation can make a world of difference. i am used to our weekends being . . . well, quiet. we stay home, kids do chores, we have a game night now, and we have movie night. the kids go with dad to church. saxy and i sleep in. before he was working, weekdays were pretty much the same. he watched tv all day, i wrote. we didn't go out because of lack of funds to go anywhere. we couldn't even pay for bus fair. there was the occasional shopping trip. that was pretty much it. if we wanted to do more than that, a utility bill suffered and/or we saved over a period of a month or two.

now we have money coming in. granted, we should be paying off bills (and i very much want to get rid of the collection calls), but extended periods of deprivation does something to a person. so, we're being a little less than totally wise with the money. some of the "wants" are actually needs now - saxy does need clothes for work, for example, but not all. i do keep telling saxy that we do need to make a dent in the bills sometime, and he keeps saying "i know," but somehow i think money and time off just don't mix in too well with paying things off. and it really doesn;t help that there are at least 2 or 3 dvd's coming out every month that we both want.

tomorrow starts a 4 day trip into indulgence and busyness such as we have not seen since my last college loan check - and that was more busyness than indulgence, to be honest.

tomorrow we will pick up roger rabbit and go to a fine mexican place for lunch. we've invited our dog trainer so she can see miss gypsy's restaurant behavior and we're treating her. we'll also be picking up a battery for the downstairs phone, printer ink (which can cost a bundle all by its own self), and hopefully go see the core.

friday we pick up harry potter & the sorcerer's stone and do the first of two grocery shopping trips that will include a few kitchen extras. we also have the girls' first allowance payments, a shopping trip for jewel, and a birthday pizza purchase for jewel's 14th. somehow in there i hope to get taz and i in for haircuts but i'm not holding my breath. i believe saxy will be going to a movie with his mother that day as well. and money will be going on my credit card to get saxy some summer shorts from old navy. they have such reasonable prices, he should be pretty much covered for the summer in one fell swoop.

saturday saxy and i are off to lunch again and we'll be seeing a man apart and sunday saxy goes to cosco with his mother while i take jewel out for her birthday shopping trip.

bills? what are they?

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