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bumpety bump
thursday, january 23, 2020

this month hasn't been the best start of a year. not horrible, but definitely not the best. so far i've managed to lift maybe once a week and write about as much.

for working out, first there was the pleurisy. i tried to adjust my workouts, but in the end, it really didn't matter. spent almost a week taking it easy, then tried to do just upper then another day of just lower and no core. but the following week got upended in a lot of ways. hub (along with most of the crew) was informed they were dropping a day because it wasn't busy enough. FREAKED HIM OUT. but also, meant he was home on days we weren't expecting him to be home, and i try to keep things pretty chill on his days off because he works damn hard and deserves to rest on his off days. that was followed up with my coming down with a sinus thing (that i'm still working on kicking) that put me into bed for a few days. soooo, no workouts since the 13th. i think.

finally got one in today...and still need to take it easy on the core. went lighter on my weights, did some crunches but no twists, and listened to myself and my body—moving to the floor when i wasn't comfortable on my new stability ball and doing a freestyle routine instead of one of my specific routines. since we have a tiny bit of ache in the rib area, we might just keep to that and drop the sit ups entirely for a bit longer.

i don't have an excuse for the writing. i mean, i could have written when in bed...when i was awake. i honestly did sleep a lot. A LOT.

i know i'm being too hard on myself. we're going into four years of dealing with my routines being disrupted, and that's not going to come back easy. so i'm trying to not kick myself for missed days or weeks—that won't motivate me to do better. i'm also trying to be less irritated at myself for my schedule. i'm a night owl, with more recent circumstances pushing that a bit more than i'd like, so i'm going to get up late if i'm going to get enough sleep (which has crept up to between 6-7 hours from 4-5, with 5 the minimum needed to function). it can be hard when the rest of the household being up earlier. but i've felt bad about that long enough. it's time to just let me be me, not worry about these things so i can focus on getting my routines back. THAT's what's important.

so, we may be having a bumpty bump start to the year, but the good news is i'm not letting it make me give up. i haven't failed. i've had a lot to deal with the first three weeks of the year, and i just have to keep going. we've got some good things brewing, so i can work on taking care of the other things that have been difficult of late. i can just focus on getting things back together a little bit at a time.

if i have to, i'll bumpety bump may way through the year. that's better than not bumpty bumping at all.


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