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sunday, january 23, 2005

weekends are so different now that i'm working. laid back, almost. and very difficult to get into the swing of for me, especially when it concerns my writing goals and plans. apparently it takes me a few days to recover from the work week and get back into the writing routine. by that time, we're back to the work week so nothing's been accomplished.

it used to be that weekends were just an extension of my week. i wrote all day, or most of the day, and revised and crittered and worked on dii. sometimes it was hard to keep track of the days because no day was really that much different with another. it may sound dull, but it kept me on track with my writing. i had a routine set up and once that routine was underway, writing was inevitable.

now i have time on the weekends, but my writing suffers just as much on saturday and sunday as it does the rest of the week. worse sometimes. and i feel like my novel will never be done because i don't have the same kind of time i had for it before. and not writing isn't good for me. i get cranky and out of sorts when i can't write creatively. i need to work on my stories.

i need to figure out a way to get back into the swing of things on weekends. a way to find my stride writing again. the routine doesn't even work any more because it's no longer a regular routine.

i feel like all the creative parts of me are suffering and i have no idea how to fix it, even on the days when i supposedly have the time.

and it's pretty damn frustrating.

word of the moment: soul

the immaterial essence or substance, animating principle, or actuating cause of life or of the individual life; the psychical or spiritual principle in general shared by or embodied in individual human beings or all beings having a rational and spiritual nature; the psychical or spiritual nature of the universe related to the physical world as the human soul to the human body; the immortal part of man having permanent individual existence; a person's total self in its living unity and wholeness; a seat of real life, vitality, or action; an animating or essential part; a vital principle actuating something; man's moral and emotional nature as distinguished from his mind or intellect; the quality of expression that effectively presents or arouses emotion and sentiment; a manifestation (as affection, generosity, charity, sympathy) of the moral nature; spiritual or moral force; human being; one having a good or noble quality in the highest degree

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