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monday, january 11, 2016


i have to admit, i'm not the biggest fan of david bowie—i really didn't pay much attention to him until the 80s. that's when music became a big deal for me, actually. again, didn't become one of his biggest fans, and most his early stuff wasn't my cup of tea, but his music definitely made it on my radar and most of his radio stuff pretty much stayed there.

then there was labyrinth.

i was already deep into fantasy, and labyrinth was amazing to me. there's at least one scene that annoys me now, but then? i loved it. society wasn't really all that aware of the problems that have since been discussed about the film (adult in "love" with a teenager, among other things), and that innocence is part of the movie's charm. and i was desperately looking for stories where girls were the main character. and while she's not as kick ass as i like my characters now, she worked for me. add in a sexy goblin king (though i wouldn't have called him sexy at the time....come to think of it, i don't remember the lingo of the time, lol) and modern music, and i was sold, hook, line, and sinker.

i can't say i followed bowie's every move, every transformation, or listened to all his music, but i was always aware of him. he was an icon. in that unknowing way, i was aware that he was one of those people whose influence would be seen and felt well beyond his time. at the same time, he was one of those i never imagined dying. he aged, but in such a way that you never said, "oh, yea, he's 50 now." he just was, a timeless person gracing the rest of us with his presence, his music, his creativity. he pushed so many boundaries.

he truly was an amazing person. i can't imagine what actually being in his presnce would have been like. to experience that creativity in action. to have been on of the many who had the opportunity to work with him, to collaberate with him, must have been mind-blowing.

i was just going to bed when i poked at facebook one last time. and there it was. david bowie dead at 69 from cancer. i gasped. hoped it wasn't true. but the more i read....

it was true.

i couldn't sleep. i kept reading, and it wasn't until hours later that i cried. i never cry over a celebrity death. there's grief for any of them, but this was the first time i cried. i searched for the labyrinth soundtrack, wanting to listen to it while i tried to go to sleep, but it's not available in full in digital. not even on itunes. i can't begin to express my frustration, disappointment, and sadness at that.

tonight i watch the movie with my two younger children, and the magic is softening the blow. for now.

david bowie, you will be deeply missed.


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