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Thursday, Oct 21, 2015              

i didn't do it. no, really, i didn't.

pretty much all my plans for updating anything and writing and etc. ended up being held hostage by lenovo. and it's seriously a good thing that i purchased the "whatever the fuck goes wrong will get fixed or the whole thing gets replaced" warranty.

october 5 (yes, my birthday, for crying out loud), my 4 month old laptop died. i shut it down as usual. i closed the lid. it started pinging at me. i lifted the lid and attempted to boot it back up. no go. i tried a couple of times, and still no go.

*head desk*

REALLY? 4 months and dies?

i made calls, got the address of local partners for repairs...only they weren't. one ended up being a residence. the other was a reseller.

again, REALLY?

called back, got a different person, he didn't understand why i got such weird results, then figured out what happened. somehow the previous rep didn't put in the info about the warranty. he got me to a new partner, stayed on the phone while we called to make sure said partner did repairs, and then off i went to drop off the laptop.

then wait. and wait some more. and keep waiting.

first, it was the mother board.

second, it took lenovo almost two weeks to send the replacement part.


so, yea, i may not be buying a lenovo in the future.

now the partner people were wonderful. keeping me in the loop, giving me the phone number to call to maybe nudge lenovo (and i think i would still be waiting if i hadn't nudged). i'll definitely use them again.

but lenovo? yea, ugh. really, ugh.

why the heck do they have a residence listed among their partners?

and really, the process of getting to a REAL LIVE PERSON is a pain. to get to a real live person in the right department? UGH!

but the laptop is back, it's working nicely, and i didn't have to pay a dime or replace the entirety of it, thank goodness.

which reminds me, i probably should back everything up on the my book tomorrow. i spent two weeks using the phone to access my email and facebook, but not much else. writing was out of the question. i was going stir crazy.

of course, all this means it may be too late for a con update, among other things. not much happened, other than the crash and burn of the laptop, on my birthday. or the husband's. money's still insanely tight, so, yea, not much going on other than unburying ourselves as best we can. had to wait for the machine to do some more submissions, among other things. i even had some problems trying to do my weight workouts, but that was more than the phone screen size (though that was a big part of it)—i also had to wait for a muscle in my side and back to stop hurting after it spazzed out on me. i'm still reduced to walking without weights and stairs to get my exercise in without stressing the muscle out again. i've been participating in #inktober (my sketches are up on my facebook page), but other than that and me going a bit nuts, it was really quiet. probably all that would have changed if i'd had the laptop is that more would have been done with the writing. and i might have started on next year's whysper design....but not holding my breath on that one. and yea, need to start thinking about and working on that.

but i'm back again, and even have an idea of a plan to start keeping up on my journals. we'll just have to see how that goes. not making any promises. finally learned that lesson.


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