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crash & burn
wednesday, january 15, 2014

you know that update at least once a week thing? yea, not so much...yet. turns out fridays aren't the best day for guaranteed updates and fixes around the web who knew?

truth is, i should have. every other friday is pay day, and i tend to be busy taking care of business, which can involve early a.m. kroger trips, walking to the farmer's market, and being really too tired to do much else. and last friday, two sites were being moved and otherwise updated by their hosts.

then there are the crazy days...like the one where i hit the curb and almost killed the car.


i turned onto the street, the sun was in my eyes and too low for the visor, i was picking up speed (not above the speed limit, mind you), and went towards the right (thank goodness, or this would have had a whole different ending), and hit the curb hard enough that i think i actually hit this rectangular hole that's lined with cement (no grate or drain to indicate it's for run off, so who knows why it's there. it's the only one i've seen along that road). both tires on the passenger side blown and both rims bent.

*head desk*

we're supposed to have this "extra" pay check next week that was going to go to things i can't normally pay for, like new chef coats and pants for saxy. now it's got to go to the car: replacing 2 rims, an alignment at the very least, possible replacement of the struts. the tires had to be taken care of right away so hubs could get to work, but we can't do any of the rest of this until pay day (which is why, even if there was no damage during the accident, the struts may need to be taken care).

i'm trying to look at the positive on this: wee went right and hit the curb, not left where we'd have been in a head on collision; no one was hurt (except the car); and wee can recover from it even if it will be pricey. and it's my first accident since before i met saxy.

at any rate, that friday was spent waiting 2 hours in the car for a tow truck after having gotten my son's prescription and meds refilled then freaking out about it and a whole slew of other things that i needed to take care of and couldn't.

and with the sites on the move last friday, and this week another pay day, i finally realized that fridays are just a bad day for regular updates online. aiming for thursdays now. saxy is home and i don't exercise, so i have extra hours in the day, and things like pay checks and running around to take care of business (or not as the case may be) are less likely to get in the way. i hope.

and this week, it's definitely needed since at least one area (possibly more) of the .com is down from the move. it's been a loooong time since i've messed with databases, but i have to figure it out again or write of the chef's wife, at the very least. not that it gets updated any more than the rest of the site these days.

and i really need to figure out how to make things work in terms of time. i've got quite a bit going on this year that needs me to be on top of things. so far, that's not been easy. i've feeling very off my game after a year eaten up i don't know what (well, actually, i do know, i just don't want to complain about it any more).

i have a lot to catch up online: the databases from the move, the copyrights, link checks, at least one new layout, and a billion other little things, in addition to posting actual updates. i'll get there, but right now? feeling a little overwhelmed and wondering how the heck i managed it before. plus there's three novels and working on my end of drakkina press (which right now isn't much but might as well be a lot with the time i have to even look at anything).

hopefully moving my web update day will help me start digging out from under it all and get things back on track.

i know, i know, i keep saying that. eventually i'll get it together. kinda have to. have a book coming out that needs me to be on top of things to some degree. the crash and burn has got to stop. seriously.

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