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settled in...again
friday, june 8, 2012

so, yes, the house fell through. after we finally threw in the towel, the owner directed us to another mortgage broker, who told us he didn't understand what the other people were doing since we don't even qualify for a loan for a house. i don't get it either. if it was a scam, it was the worst scam ever because the only one who got any money was the owner, and he didn't get much more than he would have had we leased/rented the place. very weird.

anyway, we're now in the same apartment complex as kitten and froggy. the apartment is set up fairly similar, minus all the light and an extra bedroom. it's definitely smaller in other ways as well, but it'll do. we're in the back, away from the traffic and the pool, so it's quiet. the only noise "issue" we have is the upstairs neighbors, who have a kid or two who like to thump. other than that, it's pretty quiet. and the price works.

the move was something of a nightmare, and i'm so thankful for the two girls who helped. we started last friday around 10 AM (which was a half hour later than we'd planned, but i doubt the extra half hour would have helped us much). we only took breaks for lunch and dinner, and oldest and saxy still didn't get out with the last load on the u-haul until around 2 AM saturday. then oldest and i finished up with the car and doing a little cleaning, and we didn't get out of the house until around 4:30 AM. we finished unloading the car, i sent oldest home, and i put away cold food. i didn't get to bed until about 6:30 AM. then i woke up at 11 and started unpacking. youngest came over to help in the afternoon. i went to bed about 9 PM with the place still pretty much a wreck, but at least the bedrooms and bathrooms were usable. oldest and youngest came over about 10:30 or 11 on sunday, and we unpacked some more, finally making the kitchen somewhat usable. and i say somewhat because it's just too small for a normal family, much less one with a chef in it. i have plans to pick up a couple of free standing pantries for the missing storage space, and we want to eventually get an island for storage and an extra counter. anyway, we had the majority of the unpacking done by monday. we've still got boxes about and a lot of stuff i'm trying to figure out, but we're generally as done as we're going to be until we get the furniture we need to put stuff on/in as needed. i need bookshelves, we need the pantries, and so on. saxy was off yesterday morning and took another load into storage, and i have several boxes of unwrapped glass that i need to wrap and also have put into storage.

to say that i've been exhausted would probably be an understatement. i've only just started feeling like myself again, but the energy level is a bit of a problem. it doesn't help that it's been overcast for most of the past week, and i didn't get my other full spectrum light put in the dining room until wednesday. and, really, that's probably one of the two major things i don't like about the apartment: the lack of sunlight (the other being the kitchen). still, my plan right now is to get more full spectrums and put them in where i can to help.

we did end up having to pick up a few things. the living room and bedrooms don't have overhead lights, so i had to buy 2 standing lamps for the living room and a standing lamp for our bedroom (taz has a light). we also didn't need a shower curtain for our bathroom in the house and did here. and there were a few other bits and pieces, all small, that added up. i'm almost amazed at house quickly we went through the house money, but really, it's not so surprising when you consider $900 for the apartment (and pet fees), $300 for utility deposits, $85 for the u-haul, $150 +/- for the lamps and miscellaneous, and then the food since we pretty much ate "out" for two days. i'm actually a bit more amazed that we fit it all in! lol

we also ended up getting out of our dish contract. there's little line of sight here (too many trees), and none for hd, and we have an hd tv. i'm not particularly unhappy about this since sat tv has weather issues that drive me up the wall, and dish has a way of doing things in terms of recording and whatnot that actually didn't work all that well for us. we called comcast, and surprisingly they don't want a deposit, so they should be here to install today. they would have been in wednesday except i had to change my order because of at&t. at the old house, we had normal dsl, and i had no issues. there was the occasional down time, but usually not long and usually quickly solved. at the last house, we had dsl but on fiber optics or something. a bit more down time, but still workable. when we moved here, i was told we'd have to be on u-verse. well, it turns out i can't use u-verse to send mail from my usual address with my usual software. and when i called to get help with the problem, they wanted to charge me $50 to "maybe" help. um, no. that kind of tech support should be free. from what i've heard, comcast doesn't have the same restrictions as u-verse, but even if it does, i doubt they would charge me $50 to find out. so i upgraded from cable tv only to cable tv and internet. as soon as that's installed today, i'll call at&t and discontinue my u-verse account. i figure even if i end up unable to use my e-mail/software, i won't be any worse off and won't be getting charged $50 for tech support that should come with the deal. i hope. and i'll be with company i'm happier with, at least for the cable.

so, mostly unpacked and sorted, cable coming in today, rooms are usable. we're pretty much settled in with just a few more boxes and such to sort out. we're on a one year lease, but i suspect we'll stay here two or three years so we can get stable and take care of the things that have had to be ignored while saxy was in school. there's so much to take care of—furniture, glasses, dental, old bills, school loans—it's going to be hard to figure out what to do first. well, almost. pantries first. the kitchen drives us up the wall. lol then probably glasses for everyone, starting with the boys (since mine will cost a minor fortune). because there's so much, saxy has decided to keep all three jobs for now, unless one of them can guarantee it will make up for hours lost should he quit the only one he's willing to let go of, and they can't. so he'll stick it out for the moment, hopefully we'll get more stable, he'll get more experience and hopefully raises, and we have a chance to make things better for ourselves.

and right now, that's all we can ask. it's been a hard road. i'm not expecting it to be totally smooth, but we definitely have a better chance than what we did. lower costs, hubs is working, and no more toxic environment. this is all good.


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