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oh my lord busy
wednesday, june 27, 2012

i honestly intended to post long before this, but oh my lord has it been busy! and, to be honest, i've been more tired than usual. two moves in three months, lots of stress involved on both sides of those moves, two graduations, family out from cali, and i'm not sure i mentioned it in the last couple of entries, but we ended up putting gypsy to sleep. she was very sick and anything that could have been done, if anything at all (and i'm honestly not sure anything could have been) would have been well beyond our budget. she wasn't eating, was barely drinking water, and could barely walk. saxy took her in late a few nights after my last post about her. taz has done better than expected and now wants a turtle.

anyway, soon after that, we had my son's graduation. he actually didn't get his diploma because he has 18 months in a program called adapt where they'll focus on life and job skills more than academics. a lot of their kids end up with jobs at the businesses that they train at. but the program is treated like school: so he gets transportation to and from the high school and to and from the job locations. i don't think he'll be walking when he finishes that up, but he did get to walk last month.

taz in his cap and gown

taz with his graduating class

and with his very proud mama

the day after the graduation, we started frantically packing and getting ready for the move to the apartment. i've already written about that, and it was exhausting. before i could recover from that and the unpacking the following week, saxy graduated! unfortunately, like taz, he's not getting his diploma quite yet—we have to pay off the college before they'll send it. but he did graduate cum laude and with an award of academic excellence. i am so very proud of him!

wish that one was bigger, but it's a screen cap from the video we shot (and, unfortunately, photos and vid shooting at the same time wasn't possible). ;) as you can see, he's pretty happy. don't think i've ever seen him smile that big.

he also started to get his jacket signed by his culinary profs and a few student. he'll have to find some time to get back down to the school to finish collecting signatures. the plan is to get the rest of the signatures then get it framed and put it up. :)

and here's one of the two grads together:

his dad made it out for the graduation and the day after, we held a dinner for the entire family, but mostly for his dad. i'll have to show pictures of the food another time since this entry is already a bit photo heavy. that weekend was pretty nuts too. friday, we shopped and cooked. saturday was the graduation, a quick lunch at the mexican place where he works, then dinner out with j.e. and his wife. sunday was dinner for the family which meant some clean up and cooking all day...literally all day. lol saxy did most of the actual cooking, but i was his sous-chef for the day, and my youngest helped us out A LOT.

and i spent most the week following that sleeping. this is the first week that even remotely resembles normal, in more ways than one. saxy's days off for the various activities has negatively impacted his paychecks, obviously, and we have absolutely must pays over the next two weeks that are going to wipe them out. so the next two weeks will be very similar struggles to get those paid (and there's no way NOT to pay them), take care of gas, and food. food is really going to suffer. i think i have $40 for each of the two weeks, but we'll see. i can't see it being much more than that. the good news is, or the hope is, that these should be the last two weeks that are this bad.

which is not to say there's not going to be bumps in the road. saxy is looking at a possible job change—the production job is making him crazy and one of the more sane management members is leaving. he's looking at possibly going completely in house and seeing if he can find work in one of the other restaurants owned by the same company that owns the catering company. the problem is that the production job is half or more of his income, so wherever he goes has to make up the hours, and we're not sure that will happen. plus, most of the restaurants only serve dinner (two serve lunch, none serve breakfast), which would cut into the catering, which he LOVES doing. so we might be looking at a bump in income in the near future, and not in a good way. but we can at least handle a small bump at this point. a few months back, a bump risked making us homeless or going hungry.

we are much happier here. the cats are much happier here. even logan, who has had the most problems (yes, even more so than vagner, lately), is running around and playing. and his throwing up has lessened significantly. age is obviously catching up with both vagner and ororo, but mostly in the way of sleeping a lot. both are a lot more affectionate than they have been. all missing fur on all of them is almost completely grown back in. i was worried about the apartment being darker than the house (which it is) but it's not been a significant problem. i have two full spectrums i make sure to spend time under every day and have plans to get more put in around the house as i can.

so, hopefully life is settling down now and i'll be back to boring posts here with a lot less whining than in the past. i just needed some time to recover from the craziness that's been going on since...february. i think that's when we started looking into buying the house. there's definitely less stress than there has been, the environment is definitely healthier, and with hubs no longer in school, the financial outlook is heading up as well. i'm hoping we're heading into a period where we can get stable and start to recover from the past few years of un and under employment and health issues.

and maybe get a little furniture too. ;)


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