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tuesday, june 8, 2004

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we're not the only ones going through a major transition right now. in fact, i seem to know an extraordinarily high number of people going through major transitions right now . . .

one friend has just graduated with her bachelors degree. she already has a job offer and she is preparing to move from philadelphia out to san francisco. she's really nervous about it, but i'm sure she'll be okay. new places are tough, and new places so far away from your family so young are even tougher. course, her job only makes it more clear i should have majored in computer sciences instead of english, even if i would have despised it. then again, if that were the case, we wouldn't be getting out of here either.

another friend i know of hasn't stopped moving since he and a girlfriend split. he's moving to his third state in as many months. moves for him are really disruptive though. he's also a writer and moving keeps him from submitting his work anywhere. plus there's the disruption in the writing routine (i'm soooo in touch with that emotion right now!), resubmitting for the public aid he needs, and so on and so forth. this time, though, there is a teaching job possibly waiting for him, so hopefully this will be a turn around on his luck.

another one of our dii writers has been workling on her masters degree and just had to resign dii as she was offered a teaching position. she was already finding it difficult to make time to participate in the group, the teaching job was going to make it near impossible for at least awhile. even though i'll miss her, i'm very happy for her too. she and her hubby were pretty much in the same position as we've been - unemployed and struggling with every dime they do get. i think we'll be passing by her state on our way out to georgia. lol

then i have two friends going through major husband problems, with both planning divorce. i feel for both of them and wish i had some way to help them, but all i can do is offer support. i'm thankful that one of them doesn't have kids, but more worried about her because she seems to have withdrawn the most.

the there's the friend who's going out of the country for the summer, the friend returning from china early in the fall, yet another friend starting a new romantic relationship, and a number of other people going through their own transitions, and not all of them good. even online organizations we're a part of are transitioning, like tfl which is about to have the anime split into it's own place because it's such a huge section of the site.

granted, we're always transitioning to some degree, no moment is exactly the same, there just seems to be a higher number of large changes going on for a lot more people than usual. it's my guess that some of this, combined with the whole summer vacation thing, is why dii has been so dead of late. we're having the biggest lull we've ever had in activity at the moment. but it's a good thing i'm transitioning myself at the moment, or i'd be getting a lot more crazy about how quiet dii is than i already am.

somehow, it's nice to not be transitioning alone.

on a quick, and pleasant, side note: my mother came by the other day and brought us some money. we've decided to take the kiddos to see hp. it'll be the last time i can spend that kind of time with all my children.

sigh. i'm going to miss my baby.

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