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saturday, june 12, 2004

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as i'm sure anyone who reads whysper on a regular basis has noticed, my entries here are getting sporadic. i'm just having trouble writing right now. my own novel is suffering. i splurged out a 97 word beginning to a short story and then it died away. heck, just about everything is suffering. my sleep cycle is 3-4 hours, then 4 or 5 hours awake - a pattern that i hope hasn't become a habit i have to fight to break once the move is done. to say i've been very tired of late is an understatement. so, right now, i'm writing some fanfic just to keep writing, changing over to php, and pretty much not doing much else while still being very busy some how.

i will be very glad when this move is over.

but, in the mean time, entries here will probably remain sporadic. we're still doing all the preparation stuff. the other day we picked up stuff to keep the kids busy while we're driving. my poor little duffle bag is just about all full up and i wanted to pick up a couple more activity books - like coloring books or something. we probably have enough. maybe. we did tell them to put a couple of books to read in their bags, but for jewel that doesn't mean much. she read order of the phoenix in something like 2 days. hopefully having to help keep taz occupied will help keep her occupied.

and today we start the first of 2 weekend yard sales. i seriously hope we get rid of stuff. we need the money, especially since we only received half the child support we were supposed to on the 10th. i need to put more money on the credit card and don't have it since the money we did get went to food. we spent the last couple of days getting ready for this - tagging everything with prices, the girls put up notices, hiding the stuff we don't want to sell, and so on. the only thing that could be a problem is that we were unable to advertise in the local green sheet since they charge if the proposed sale will result in getting more than $300. if everything sells, we'll definitely get over $300. heck, with my luck, only the sodas we bought will sell. *rolls eyes*

in about a half hour, the girls and saxy will be getting up (yes, it's that early) and we'll be doing the last minute bits to get ready for this. we have a load or two of laundry to finish before we get started (it would be nice if the washer and drier weren't sold till next week, but with us asking $50 for the pair, i'm not holding my breath), the futon couch to fold up and living room to neaten, a few more things to tuck into hiding places, and some dressers to move out of kids rooms into our bedroom so all the upstairs furniture for sale is in one place. i came up with a solution for being table-less for things like the books and videos - we're using extra boxes and i just put signs on the sides with the prices. 5, yes, FIVE, boxes of clothes, 2 of books, 1 big box of yarn (i used to crochet). i've tried to seriously underprice stuff just to get rid of it, but we'll see. next weekend we cut the prices in half.

i imagine this week will include a little more packing, a little taking care of more loose ends. we're getting down to not having much left to do, but i doubt that means i'll be journaling, or doing any other writing, more frequently. my brain seems to be on overload and uncooperative when it comes to that, for some reason. i'll probably keep with the fanfic and working on world building stuff, assuming i can do even that much. i should post . . . sporadically, but, in case i don't, keep an eye on dreaming. we go offline june 30. after that, until we actually get back online, any possible update of us arriving in atlanta will be posted there since it will be easier to get to.

have i mentioned that i'll be glad when this move is over?

now, if you'll excuse me, i have to get the cats out of/away from, the boxes.

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