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saturday, june 25, 2011

we just got a letter from social security claiming taz owes them back half his social security for the last year back. and i am beyond pissed.

for 2010, our total income was just over $9000, plus taz's $400 in child support a month. froggy's income isn't supposed to count since it's support for her, not him.

as of august 2010, our income and resources are NOT supposed to be counted, which means his income was $400/month. total. he has no resources, no accounts other than the saving account he gets his social security in, no insurance, nothing. as of may of this year, that went up to $475. he's not worked for pay, he's not gotten any money gifts, nothing like that.

which means social security thinks he should have been fine on (counting our income) $1600 from march to august and $700 from august on (when you count in what they think he should have been paid versus what he was paid).

the cutoff for a family of four is $3000 in income. we got nowhere close. and my husband was making MORE money when we first moved out here, plus i was working, and they didn't reduce his ssi then. but now that we've made less, they think he should only have received half?

what the hell is wrong with these people?

now, i can almost see it if they want to count the girls' incomes for that 5 or 6 months, but if that's the case, they have to add the 3 extra bodies in the house as well. and that bumps the income cut off for ssi to somewhere between $5-6000. if we'd been making that much money, we wouldn't have needed ssi, and i'd have happily taken us off it. but even with the girl's income, we never hit the ceiling for a family of four.

i've filled out the reconsideration form, but i'm calling on monday and demanding a return call. his worker was supposed to call back the friday before last and never did. i called on monday and she should have called back on wednesday or thursday and never did. i am beyond pissed.

we can't afford this and my son certainly doesn't deserve it. they damn well better fix it. i'll do every damn appeal i can until they do.


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