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seriously not fun
tuesday, july 5, 2011

last week just sucked. i mean really sucked. the case worker AND her supervisor refused to return my calls (what else can i think when i've made 4 calls in 2 weeks, response time is suppose to be within 2 days, and i heard a whole lot of nothing). then on friday, we got my son's ssi check, nearly $300 short, and we were left to scramble for rent. fortunately, the oldest got her housing money from the v.a. and saw the wisdom in using it to finish paying rent and get us food. it really shouldn't be something that needs to be remarked upon, but after her attitude about moving out a few months ago, it is. she had other plans and set them aside.

course, she had a stake in it as well since she'd be homeless and hungry with the rest of us. again, sad i have to think of it that way, but that's pretty much the mark her attitude a few months ago left on our relationship. as her mother, i'm supposed to hand things over to her because i love her, make sacrifices for her because i love her, but she doesn't think the reciprocal is acceptable. and that bothers me.

at any rate, if the lack of return calls and crap from ssi wasn't enough, we had storm after storm rolling in, which means i had headache after headache and queasiness and a whole lot of other crap. i ended up sleeping a lot to avoid the stress, the sick, ad the pain. it was seriously not a fun week.

i did finally send in the paperwork i had to ssi on friday. since no one would return my calls, i don't know if what i had will be adequate. i'm also worried about it actually getting there since i couldn't afford to send it registered, and i really don't want to lose the originals of saxy's w2's. but all ssi will take is originals. it seriously better get there and get returned. i also included a request to reconsider the crap they're pulling with us being over paid and them thinking my son's child support isn't being applied to household expenses just because he turned 18.

we really need them to get their heads on straight about all this or we'll have to decide which utility to let go next. that $300 will put us in a VERY bad situation very quickly, especially if kitten decides "carrying us" is too much for her and refuses to cover the gap.

the marsh in the living room is finally dealt with, and the landlord has finally decided he needs to actually fix the damn pipe, so that's something good. i'm scrambling to get a textbook printed for the husband—it's not available in hard copy and would be horrendously expensive if it was, and it's not printing well from the ebook or being nice with the copy and paste method. we're also still trying to come up with money so hubs can actually be in classes for the upcoming term.

really, this managing one crises after another is seriously not fun and making me crazy. it's all i can do right now to just make it to hub's graduation, especially with this ssi mess going on. i really need life to be more than just barely making it through.


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