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good numbers
monday, may 2, 2011

i was originally going to write on some craziness with one of the kids, but i'd rather write on some good news than the crazies. besides, waiting on the crazies means i have something to write about later in the week. maybe.

i went to the doctor today. it was pretty much at his request: i refilled my bp meds and there was "patient needs a follow up appointment" in nice, big, capital letters. so like a good girl, i made an appointment. i wasn't really nervous about it. i've lost weight since he last saw me and am feeling better overall (other than the usual stress over home stuff). i've gotten into a low impact (for the most part) exercise routine and miss at most 2 days a week, though i usually make it through six days. so i really wasn't expecting any bad news, but the bp is always a concern and it was going to be nice to know if it's responding to better diet and weight loss and more activity in general.

my active numbers were 144/87. not fantastic, but better than they've been in a long time. my resting numbers were 120/80, which is absolutely fantastic. doc says when i drop it another 10-15 points on the upper number, i can go to half my medication dose. when i get below 100, we'll take me off. it was really nice to have him discuss it so positively too. and he encouraged me not to get discouraged if the numbers don't drop right away with the pounds. apparently, bp lags behind weight loss. anyway, all that's something to look forward to, though. for now, as soon as my current supply is out, my bp meds will change to a single bp med: a medication that combines the two i take now. this will drop my med pay out by about $10, but i can live with that. and i like having less pills to take anyway.

he also noted that i've lost 10 pounds since we last talked. i have no idea since i can't remember when we last talked, and up until today, i was bouncing between 22-24 pounds lost with the occasional dip to 25. today i went past 25 pounds lost. i'm adding another low impact, easy to do, 5 minute heart pumping activity twice a week to try to make sure i'm past the stupid plateau. the doctor does think my weight loss goal is a little low, i think a goal 19 pounds above what i was at 18 or 19 is not unreasonable at my age, even if it takes me awhile to get there.

finally, we discussed my hormone meds. i told him i'd taken myself off to see what would happen since the problems that precipitated me going on it was weight induced (as far as i could tell) and i'd lost the amount that seemed to make the difference. i've been off for about four weeks and still no period. don't get me wrong, i don't mind not having a period, but i'm concerned my body is doing something stupid. he told me we couldn't really see what was going on for another couple of months. he was glad to hear that i have the prescription on hand in case the crazy mess that put me on them starts again, but otherwise seemed to understand what i was doing and why and didn't discourage me from doing it at all.

which is so nice because i really feel more myself since i've gotten off the stuff. really. and, yes, the husband is happier too. the hormones may have been keeping me from bleeding to death, but they seriously dulled my sex drive and put a damper on a few other things as well.

i did not discuss the possibility of arthritis with him. i pretty much forgot about it because my joints give me trouble in cold weather and it's not been, nor will be for some time, all that cold. a little chilly now and then, but not cold. come fall or so, i'm sure i will be reminded of my possible new infirmity. i will deal with it then. maybe i can trade bp pills for arthritis pills.

(so seriously hope not. part of the reason for this weight loss is to get off the damn pills, at least those that i can.)

so it was a good appointment, at least until i had to visit the vampires. numbers were surprisingly good, and the doctor and i are both optimistic about things as long as i keep on doing what i'm doing.

and all that makes up for the crazy.


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