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wednesday, february 20, 2008


some time tonight or tomorrow, my phone line is going down for a day or two because at&t sucks and won't extend a deadline for even a day--i can have the money to them by friday, but that makes no fucking difference to them. as far as they're concerned "it's already been 2 weeks." um, yea, i'm poor and i juggle bills every damn month and they are the only ones who will not work with me. at any rate, figured i better get a small update up before i go off-line just in case everything falls apart and i'm out for longer than 2 days.

although that would be really bad. really, really.

anyway, in short, rough week. youngest has been sick for about 2 weeks. her cough isn't clearing up so, in addition to phone bill, she goes to urgent care/after hours. i'd take her in earlier except we're broke, very, very, very broke. as in, in the red at the bank. again. :P

i came down with the crud on saturday or sunday and have been in bed most of the week. it seems to be clearing up some, but i'm not holding my breath. anemia does way nasty stuff to your immune system. besides, it's now making a run of the house, so...i'll start to get better, get everyone else on the mend, and come down with it again. story of my life since college.

the biggest down for me is lack of appetite and the way things have tasted--just plain downright nasty. today is the first day in 3 that anything has tasted remotely normal, but i'm still not hungry. the good news is i managed to keep the cough down enough that my asthma didn't kick in. however, my lips are chapping because i have to breathe through my mouth and, for once, my carmex isn't helping.

taz came down with a fever in school yesterday. it was so late in the day, they didn't demand an immediate pickup, but did say he couldn't come back for 48 hours. no worries there, he'll probably still be fighting this crap over the weekend. from the sounds of it, the school is overwhelmed with sick youngsters. i realize parents have to work and yadda yadda, but, geeze. if your kid is sick, keep him or her at home! you don't spread the mess around to other kids and inconvenience other parents. what is wrong with people?

/end rant.

saxy came down with the crud sometime last night. he went to work anyway. one of the downsides of me not working outside the home that you don't think about until it happens: the only breadwinner must go to work. the sad thing is that neither job has sick pay--subs aren't ft/p employees no matter how many hours they work so don't get benefits unless they're stellar subs (and then they take a cut in pay, though they do get paid no matter if they work that day or not). and, yes, i did try for a stellar position or two as well--no dice. :P

anyway, i suspect this weekend will be a leave us alone, we're sleeping weekend all around. and any music or tv will be punctuated by the sounds of sniffling and hacking coughs. *sigh*

and that's pretty much it, i believe. we're preparing to hire a couple of new content editors (2 total, with at least one who can go full time) and a line editor (already on standby) at lilley press. i suspect neither will happen till i'm back online.

there's been no writing whatsoever. i have a pile of stuff to revise by the bed, but who has the energy. i've slept most of the day every day until late yesterday--and even then was asleep pretty quickly at night. i think today is the first day i haven't napped...yet (it is only 10:30 or so).

when i do finally get back, it'll be a lot of catching up. i have a manuscript i need to work on, but have been too sick to deal with (this entry, which has taken maybe 15 minutes? is the longest i've been online since the sick hit...and i'm tired and ready to go back to bed, thank you very much).

ok, time to format and crawl back under the covers.

care packages welcome. :P


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