fickle & growing
sunday, december 2, 2007

it figures the one of the things i would REALLY, REALLY love to have change would kick me in the butt yesterday. apparently a storm is moving in our way, and, of course, this means a migraine for me. and this one was a real s.o.b. meds only took the edge off, didn't make it go away (which, actually, is amazing since i don't have any actual migraine meds--my insurance pays for them but not at intervals i can use). i tried to get some of the piles of stuff i need to do done despite the pain, but finally gave in shortly after yesterday's entry and crawled into bed.

and this morning? no storm. which doesn't mean it's not coming along, just it's not here yet. really, if i'm going to get a migraine of kill me now proportions, it damn well better be worth it. problem is georgia's weather is as fickle as it is dramatic. see, in cali, we pretty much knew summer was going to be 104, clear, and dry, dry, dry, while winters were going to be rain, rain, rain. out here, summer is hot and humid, but the rest of the year is pretty much up for grabs, for the most part. even during hurricane season, we're not guaranteed a lot of rain, as this year's drought and lack of hurricanes proves.

in fact, this year's fickle weather hasn't just hit me with some killer migraines, but i actually had a very mild asthma attcak the other night. i haven't had any issues with my asthma since we moved out here, but it got freaking cold, and, i suspect, it was damper than the weathermen thought. my triggers are cold damp air. maybe it wasn't as bad as usual for me because the air wasn't as damp as usual.

i hate being at the mercy of fickle weather. in my old age, i'm really start to like some repdictability.

what isn't so fickle, but surprising none the less, is my son growing up. he's still got to be one of the lankiest kids i've ever seen (we're working on that using slimfast right now, but i might be switching to ovaltine), but he's starting to get tall, and *drops voice to a whisper* he's getting a mustache. that's right, my 15 year old kid who's generally developmentally delayed has the baby beginnings of hair above the upper lip. i just noticed it the other day.

on the one hand, i suppose this shouldn't be so surprising. this kid has been hair from birth. i mean, he has hair on his back. it's not BAD (not yet anyway, i can see it getting there when puberty hits in full), but it's always been there. i just hope the mustache doesn't thicken up too quickly. the idea of trying to teach this kid how to shave terrifies me. his fine motor skills still leave a lot to be desired. putting any kind of razor in his hands is just not something i want to even contemplate. in all my "let's try to make him as self-sufficient as possible" plans, it never even crossed my mind about dealing with facial hair. it probably should have, but with a kid like taz you take it one day at a time.

kind of like georgia weather.

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