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saturday, december 2, 2006

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i woke up at about 7 this morning and panicked because the alarm on my phone hadn't gone off. was i worried about the cell phone? no. i was worried that i was going to be late to work! *rolls eyes*

unfortunately, this pretty much set the tone for my day. i realized that it was saturday, for crying out loud, and went back to sleep -- then slept very late, which put me behind in my grading. even then, it took me an hour to wake up, and i ended up playing ffxii for a little longer than that. saxy did treat me to brunch, which was wonderful -- his food is always sooooo good. i started to grade a little while he played, but soon enough we had to go to the bank and put taz's money into the checking account and do a little grocery shopping. we also picked up a dark green table clothe that he was unable to find earlier, some candy cane ornaments so that the canes on the tree will not only be cheaper after this but also will all still be on the tree when christmas is over (at least 6 are already "missing" -- hmmm . . . wonder how that happened . . . ), and some things for me and the whole classroom thing. we spent a good deal more than what i wanted, but at least most of them were one time purchases. and i resisted buying any more cards. i really was thinking some of these card were cute and be useful next year, but we don't really need them now, so i finally put all 3 boxes back. once home, i paid a few bills and purchased some yankee candle stuff. oh, and i emailed froggy's teacher at her invitation with a list of stuff that might be helpful for us for christmas (don't ask me how we get adopted, i haven't figured that one out yet -- although she did say she just adores jhenna). and i've been grading pretty much ever since.

but i've been tired all day. waking up even once when i'm not ready to or don't need to ends up dampening my energy and motivation. i would have napped except i slept in so late that a nap seemed kind of ludicrous. as a result, the grading has gone slowly. i've only finished one of the four classes i should get through this weekend.

even music choice has been playing some oddities that fit the "off" day.

jewel is off at mcat's earning some moneys. we still don't have a set date for her move out, but keep being told soon. and, really, she better make it soon or she's going to be very unhappy with next semester. but for now, it's quiet. she'll come home some time tomorrow and change all that. for some reason, the minute she walks in the door, the house gets noisier and the problems between the kids increase.

taz has been a bit quieter than usual today too. he's still humming and stuff, although we now think he's starting a new stage: imaginative role play. he's more than likely kinda reenacting movies, but we're seeing him hold conversations and move his head and hands around like he's doing that play acting play that most kids do. while this is an incredible step forward for him, i gotta admit, seeing this constant flutter of movement out of the corner of my eye is impossibly distracting. and he won't play with anyone else this way -- they want him to try and he refuses and sits in a corner and squeals at an even more annoying high pitch and hums and spins his fingers or a toy.

when i can actually pay attention to more than the school thing, there's actually quite a bit of oddity in our lives these days: our new kitten, logan, is a clotheshorse (at least he's finally leaving the christmas tree and jewelry alone -- he didn't quit when we tried spraying water on him, but a good smack on the nose seems to have done the job); the friend and i who had this huge split recently are still managing to be friendly when it concerns submissions to either her zines or the dii antho (we don't email or discuss anything else, and, as much as the personal sub/news emails make me miss her, i want to keep it that way -- not going through it all again); the red ribbon sort of tossed onto the top of the christmas tree because the angel topper died last year and we haven't been able to find a star topper that i like for years. and i'm sure there's other stuff i haven't even noticed yet because i'm still not completely "here", so to speak.

maybe this isn't odd for other people. it's just stuff, like today was just a day. but to me, things feel . . . off. probably just the tiredness talking, although that's off too. even waking up once shouldn't have me as tired as i am. or maybe it's that there's still a little we're not sure about for christmas yet -- are kitten and her husband both coming here or are they going to his folks place, how much will we actually be able to do for the holidays considering that mcat is taking all of saxy's next paycheck to pay for the truck we're using just until he sells it (and don't get me talking about the whole truck deal, there's issues there that will just turn up my temper if i start getting into them), presents from us are out this year . . . we think. or maybe it's the grading -- some of these kids can't even get a's on papers which require nothing more than copying from the board (and, no, she doesn't have a reading problem, she has a mouth problem: every time i look at her i see the back of her head as she let's the mouth runneth over). i just don't get these particular kids.

i dunno, maybe it's just me -- the whole job thing, all the recent stresses, maybe they've just put me in such a strange place that it's just my perception that it's all just odd. i mean, it's just a day. nothing spectacular has happened. we didn't really do anything. just us, home.

i guess, odd or not, tired or not, at least it's been quiet and that's good enough. soon enough my son will go to bed and all quiet will be lost.

god, what a rambly, nonsensical entry. no, i haven't lost my mind, promise. i might lose it soon, but i haven't gone there quite yet!

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