thursday, february 16, 2006

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after the rather nice weekend mentioned in my last entry, the week has definitely gone downhill from there. oh, it hasn't completely tanked, but it's still taken quite a nose dive.

just goes to show, get one stress taken care of and another just has to take its place. :P

anyway, the mess started with work. for the first time in awhile (other than the high school), i ended up writing a load of detentions and a referral for some rather cantankerous middle school kids who just could not behave. 3 classes wiped me right out. i doubt their teacher was much pleased with the report i left.

why is it some kids just have to push every boundary under god's green earth no matter the consequences?

the next day's kids were great, but the migraine was not. on top fo that, something in the school kicked my allergies into gear--i don't think i've been that congested and drippy since the move out of cali. so, of course, when i got back home that day, i was even more wiped out. the meds weren't doing the job very well and making me groggy at the same time. i came home and passed out before 10 pm--practically unheard of for me. unfortunately, it also made for a rather nasty night sleep wise and one hell of a backache when i woke up.

in the meantime, saxy was sick and had to take a day off to get through it. and, of course, my brother was a bit of an ass about it, telling him he was being "weak." i swear my brother has some strange ideas about "real" men--not quite macho, but definitely up there on the scale. and some of the ideas are definitely stone age. and he says the most a$$hole **it sometimes. i seriously wonder about him. anyway, in addition to a sick day, saxy had a short day because jewel had to stay late at school and make up some tests or something because she was sick on friday.

yea, it's going around so we can see where this is heading. my year of good health is about to go down in flames. and it doesn't help that taz was exposed to strep last week. if that bugger catches it, i'm definitely in for it. ug.

then there's the "little" things from the week: the car had an oil problem that kept saxy home another day (he did fix it on his own, thank god--we've covered our debts for the moment, but we don't have excess money to throw at more car repairs); emcat needing something that he had saxy pay for (okay, so he'll write a check to cover it on pay day, but, still, we shouldn't have to cover his business expenses; course, i gather he's not doing so well in the money area himself right at the moment); an order i thought i made that apparently i didn't since it didn't show up anywhere (which ahs the upside of at least not showing up on the card, and the downside of forcing me to go into the store, paying more, and being damn tired when i took care of it); a rejection coming in on the second worst day of the week (today would have been the worst, trust me); and a few other not so good bumps.

the kicker came today. jewel has warned us her grades are less than exemplary--and has been told that they are unacceptable. we're not the crazy parents who demand nothing but A's from our kids even though they could get them. nope, all we ask for is C's. D's may be passing for the school, but it an unacceptable grade for us. and we knew this year would be tough on the kid--we warned her it would be one hell of a year and that she'd probably have no life. all honors, 2 math classes, and 1 a.p. class? oh, yea, tough year. it's like overloading in college, and she's definitely not ready for overload. but she really wanted to do it and said she could, so we said okay, as long as she knew that she still had to get at least C's.

she came home with 3 F's and 1 D today. meaning, she's only passing TWO classes with acceptable grades. i can see having maybe 1 F or D, but a total of FOUR? something has slid somewhere.

so, she's now grounded until her grades are back up and she's not allowed to do homework in her room any more. her phone has been confiscated for other reasons, but it now be a bit before she gets it back. when all this got handed down, you'd have thought someone was skinning her alive with all the shrieking that was going on. i sent saxy out to pick up a few things and to let it calm down here at the house. i just figured he didn't need to deal with it. and i didn't need to deal with the fallout of him dealing with it.

add to this that froggy has gotten lazy about her homework as well, and taken to lying about whether she's finished or not, and taz apparently had a bad day as well, and it was just one heck of an evening here at home. froggy got herself grounded as well--telling me she was done with her work last night and then i find out today that she still had homework to finish for her language arts class. on top of that, another teacher says she's still not turning in work in her class.

all this crap with the girls almost makes me glad we don't have to deal with these issues with taz quite yet, if ever.

so, yea, things could definitely be worse, but it's kinda sad that the week went belly up after such a nice weekend. i'm just hoping the nosedive is almost over. or the week. or something. just no more going down, please.

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