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monday, october 17, 2005

i get home so tired most days that it's all i can do to check the mail and my forums before i'm laying down and unable to come back to the pc again. i spend weekends trying to catch up with everything i let go of over the week and end up too busy then too. not as tired, but busy.

having all these journals is finally catching up with me. :P

mother is going through her queen of the world phase again. and sending too many people letters about her impending enthronement along with way too big checks. worse, the queen isn't answering her phone, which i suppose is okay - not sure my usual threat ("don't contact me in any way, shape, or form unless you're on your meds.") will work with me now over 2000 miles away. her majesty will just have to work it out, i guess, until someone decides she needs to be hospitalized. in which case this princess is more than willing to sign the paperwork. someone's got to keep an eye on her.

i finally found my limit in my writing, it seems. i was going to try to write up a new short today when i ran out of motivation to work on what i had with me at work. nothing happened. i'm sure a lot of that has to do with the series of stories i recently came up with. my brain is finally protesting its own creativity.

jewel has been threatened with the military. it's not my first choice, but she's not cooperating with the first choice. here she is grounded with no tv, no phone, no computer, no outside time, and she's still getting into crap. and i'm about ready to knock that snotty attitude of hers out of her.

course, i'm also ready to tell saxy to just stop talking to her. oil and water.

finally fed up with the ugly "pro" pages that day runner makes for the size planner i use, i've made my own. they feature a pretty mountain background and this picture of ororo and vagner:

they're nicely customized for what i do - writing and teaching - and probably cost less than the day runner stuff too. the only disappointment is how light i have to make the images so the black ink and my own writing will show up on the pages.

speaking of cats, hitomi seems to be working on settling in. she actually asks for pets now and hasn't peed on anything in a few days. now if only she and the other two would stop trying to kill each other.

all the kitties are looking good since the last dose of flea med. and they're due for another dose very soon.

head colds, stuffy noses, and dizzy spells, oh my!

special thanks to linnorm for the sam's club membership. we got the kids stuff for lunch for the next 3 years. well, okay, it was only 3 weeks, but still. ;)

word of the moment: phlegmatic

stolidly calm, unexcitable; unemotional; having or showing a slow and stolid temperament

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