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pile up
friday, october 17, 2003

there is just something about my desk that turns me into a pack rat. the pile up on and around my desk is a frightening thing - it's amazing i can anything in this mess. which is not to say that i actually find everything right when i need it or want it. doing that requires a full afternoon of digging through the various piles of papers, discs, cds, and miscellaneous knickknacks, both office-like and otherwise. anything small requires longer than that.

this has led to more than one late form, unsigned permission slip, or lost bill in recent days. with me, out of sight is out of mind and it doesn't matter if out of mind is a bad thing for that particular item. if i don't see it, i don't think about it. we've been fortunate that this has not led to a house wide blackout, but that's probably only because most bills are either payable online or buried in one of two purple baskets at my feet.

that and most places bill you again and again, and again . . . and again. and again.

i've been getting lots of practice in bill weeding of late. bill weeding occurs when the purple bill basket is full. this means that several of the bills have at least duplicates, and more likely triplicates, in the pile. older copies are found and removed to the circular file (well, more like brown, rectangular, grocery bag file) while the newest copy remains in the basket awaiting its turn to be weeded out. every once in awhile we're lucky and one gets paid and never seen again. but that's not an often occurrence in these days of unemployment and lack of school loan leftovers.

back to the piles.

my desk piles are something of a hazard, and i don't mean fire (although i am sure they are that as well). the "thing i need now" is almost always buried in one of these piles. personally i think the "thing i need," whatever it may be, knows it is needed and migrates as i hunt for it because it is never in the most logical pile - the first one i choose to search. i mean, why wouldn't my lecture notes on revision be in the pile of "lecture notes to be retyped"? isn't it logical that they would be there? instead i tend to find them under half a dozen character profiles, a stack of "things to be revised" . . . ahhh, there's the connection. never mind.

i keep saying i need a smaller desk. one not designed for a corner and with more than a half dozen shelves and cubbies all by itself. not only would it save us a little space to get something smaller, but it wouldn't be conducive to developing piles. but when i really think about it, i know that's a bad idea. see, if i didn't have the desk, more than likely the floor would become the target for my piles.

and as proof i present the three piles by the couch.

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