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rest day, sorta
tuesday, october 18, 2005

i decided to stay home today. turned the phone off, mumbled something to the husband when he said there were 2 calls, rolled over and went back to sleep until somewhere between 9 and 9:30. considering that i've been getting up between 7 and 8 on my off days now, i must have needed the sleep - which probably has to do with the cold i seem to be fighting right now. even when i woke up, i pretty much lazed about in bed for a bit, fighting a headache for the most part. i'm finally up now - have quite a few things i need to get to that i'm either too tired or too late to take care of when i get home from work, plus there's writing stuff to do.

i stay home to rest and still end up having too much catching up to do on non-work related things.

so far i've updated and reprinted my resumé, queried f&sf about a story sent back in february, and printed up some snack machine reward coupons for when i'm subbing (i leave them with the teachers). i've added my long term subbing assignments and most recent publications to the resumé. i doubt the publications will help much (and they'll have to be updated in january since "presence" is going up over at dragons, knights, and angels sometime this month and "intended" will be in the december issue of lyrica), but the long term stuff might. i also had to update my references since 2 of them moved, 1 with no forwarding address or anything. i'm hoping the fresh resumé will help me when the job shuffle happens in december - assuming it does happen and some openings come up. beyond this bit of office work, i still have to call kaiser and update my kids visitor status here again, then i can finally move on to writing related things.

the obvious downside is that i don't get paid for today. and i did think about that last night before i turned the phone off. presumably the rest is paid - so far i have 14 days at $80/day. but i turned in my adjusted w-4 to, hopefully, alleviate the amount of taxes we'll owe in april and that may just cut in deep enough that i haven't paid the rent yet. if i haven't, we'll be digging into taz's money for that i guess. not my first option, but i was pretty tired last night - actually went to sleep before 11:30. which, of course, only confirms the fact that i'm coming down with something. hopefully it'll be a quick something and this one day off will help take care of it.

beyond all that, just kinda taking it easy. getting ready for a late lunch. revising a short to add to the "ready to submit" pile. spoiling the kitties with wet food and the dog with a milkbone. watching the checking account for a deposit from saxy's dad (for clothes, that we also desperately need) that was slated for yesterday. have a crit to finish and post by tonight, a few other things to poke away at. a metawriting article waaaay overdue.

you know, all that stuff i used to do before i had a job.

jobs make for a lot of catching up to do.

word of the moment: phlegmatic

stolidly calm, unexcitable; unemotional; having or showing a slow and stolid temperament

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