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tuesday, september 13, 2005

this is just about it. because of the poor tests scores last friday, i started the class on "trading cards" (or, flash cards, if you want - trading cards sounds cooler) on the topics we need to recover. they worked on them again today and will finish them up tomorrow. thursday they'll retest. thursday night i'll grade, friday we cover the test, then . . . that's it. i'm done. i haven't decide what we'll do for the last part of friday, after we cover the test (assuming they do better this time around). a few of the kids have suggested a party, which i can't afford. so, not quite sure what to do. perhaps just talk? maybe read one of my stories. yea, maybe i'll read them on of my stories. perhaps "in the blood" - which is appropriate to the age level and doesn't have any language issues the way "into stone" does.

i'm looking forward to my 2 days next week, assuming i get them. the plan is to take monday and tuesday off to recoup from this assignment. monday i'll rest, maybe write; tuesday i'll call my usual schools and let them know i'm available to sub. these 6 weeks have been a bit on the tough side. science isn't my subject, so the frantic scramble to figure out something i can actually use to teach them that's on topic was exhausting. to have them not do well at this test was disappointing, but it also made it so this week is much easier than anything i've done over the last 5 weeks. no homework to grade, the kids are having more fun, and i'm not running around looking for stuff to help me teach this stuff.

i'll miss the kids, even the ones that were difficult most of the time. and they're acting out a little themselves. i'm not sure if it's the attitude of "hey, she really is just a sub - we don't have to worry about behaving!" or if it's really acting out because i am leaving and they aren't happy about that. regardless, i had to write up 3 detentions today for kids getting out of hand in one way or another. and the behavior is spilling out into other classrooms as well.

the good news is that i got out of at least 1 meeting this week. ;)

i have learned quite a lot though. there's all the extraneous crap teachers have to do beyond the teaching and grading. classroom management things. grading things. all of it will help if i ever get my own classroom.

in the meantime, i'm looking forward to a break and to writing again. i've actually managed a little of the latter today - revisions on a.c.. i really want to get back to it in more than the sporadic spurts i've managed over the last 2 months. and it's really nice to feel that desire, considering that for awhile there all i wanted to do was burn the damn thing. the whole needing space thing has me a bit concerned. if the book ever publishes, i'll need to do better with book 2 in terms of the timing. but i'm not going to worry about that right now. right now i'm going to enjoy the desire to work on the book again despite knowing it's in a hair pulling, line-by-line revision.

and right now i'm going to get through these last couple of days with my science kids. i shouldn't say "get through." a 3-day countdown isn't much of a countdown at all. i'm going to try to enjoy these last 3 days with my science kids, even if i have to get a little tougher than i have been because they're being a little psycho right now.

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