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friday, november 5, 2004

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i didn't get a "hey, you're hired!" card, but i did get a phone call. at 8 a.m. for a half day at an elementary school. yes indeedy, i am finally a substitute teacher!

took long enough.

on the funny side of things, i got the "hey, you're hired!" card when i got home. talk about timing. ;)

now i did apply for high schools only, but apparently when a school gets to the end of its sub list with no one available, it goes to the entire county list. i happen to be on the specific lists for high schools, but i'm also on the countywide list. thus, my first day as a sub was a half day in a third grade classroom.

after, of course, running around like an absolute maniac trying to get ready. lol

i need to set up a my subbing goody bag not only with supplies (oh, yes, we must get out own stuff), but with my required meds and things. i ran out the door after not taking anything and without my inhaler backup. bad, bad, bad domy. fortunately, the local wal-mart was very local indeed and i was able to pick up some primateen mist. and damn! does that stuff work or what! i may just start using it rather than the ventalin i have as my usual backup since it works faster and is about $4 cheaper. and then there are subbing supplies: dry erase markers, paper, pens and pencils, stapler, staples, paper clips, nonfood goodies for kids like stickers, glitter pens and so on. i'm going to have to write out a list. and i need to make sure i have either stuff to revise or stuff to crit for any breaks - i actually had one today and had nothing to do. well, i did write a note to the regular teacher.

anyway, while i'm running around like a maniac to make myself presentable, saxy had to run out and take care of something for his job and be back in time to meet mcat here to get a ride to yet another job so i could have the car. (say THAT 10 times fast!) i'm actually quite proud of him - i think this is the quickest i've ever seen him make any adjustment to anything, and there wasn't a single complaint in sight! course, we were both anxiously waiting for this to come through, so that may have been the preparation he needed. i'm not sure. but with my hours being anywhere from 6:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (or later, depending on traffic and how far the school is), saxy just went to part time, which he seems to be okay with. everyone adjusted quite nicely this morning, thankfully.

after running around like a maniac to get ready, i then had to run a few errands before i could make my way to the school. even so, i was there way early, signed in, got my sub badge, got a quickie tour of where i needed to go, then i ran up to wal-mart. i made it back with 10 minutes to spare. the teacher explained everything to me, showed me her notes - which were wonderfully well written, then left me alone with her little monsters.

no, really, they were good kids. i'm not much up for elementary grades - just too much energy for me, but these guys were pretty good. i had two girls i had to finally tell i would separate them if they kept up their giggly chatter which seemed to solve that, and a couple of boys that needed a reminder or two to settle down, but that's about as bad as it got. three or four of them were very anxious to be little helpers. and it's amazing what counting to 3 can do! or telling them they don't get to move on to the next activity until they're all quiet. *snicker* fortunately, i only had to use the latter option twice.

as for me, i was only confused once, and needed a guidance maybe twice. pretty damn good for a woman who was pretty fuzzy on a lot of things at this level walking in. why did i take the job if i wanted to work high school? we need the money. period. right at this moment, i have to take whatever is offered if at al possible. (and, really, an 8 a.m. call that i've been hired made much more sense to em than if someone called at 4:30 or 5 a.m. to send me to a high school! things i'm prepared for don't make sense at that hour, so i can imagine how a phone call that i wasn't expecting would have gone for me! lol)

then i came home to a gift from a friend - a belated birfday present, and a CONGRATS note taped to my monitor signed by both saxy and jewel. AND my hubby spoilt me with a lamb and shrimp dinner! i feel so special.

i also came home to some very confused animals. the cats and the dog are used to me being home all day, and to saxy leaving really early and coming back mid to late afternoon. it didn't quite happen that way today and roro and vagner decided to turn into wild kitties when i walked in the door. the dog just whined at me. lol. they'll get used to it eventually, i suppose, but is was kind of crazy when i first got home.

i feel pretty dang tired! a lot more than i though a half day would make me. but i'm determined to get some regular writing in before i crash, so i'm off to do that now.

me. a teacher. well, part-time teacher. but, way neat anyway! imagine that! :)

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