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monday, november 8, 2004

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i haven't been around much this weekend - mostly on to check mail, then going right back to bed. yes, indeed, the cold of doom is still hanging on.

it sucks.

in fact, this weekend, it decided to get worse. i slept most of the time and wasn't really coherent until late yesterday afternoon. i still sound like crap and am all sniffly. my ears aren't too happy either. my throat's a little better though, and at least i can think. for awhile there i couldn't even play a mindless game like ffx, much less read or crit or revise. yesterday, saxy and the kids went to mcat's for part of the day, giving me much needed rest and peace.

i'd be in bed now except i'm hoping i'll get called to go in and sub. with saxy going part time so i can do whatever full time work the school needs me to, i need to work as often as i can - like every day. today isn't so much a big deal since saxy wouldn't be working either way, and i know it's going to take a little time to get a list of schools that will put me on the top of their subs lists (or somewhere in there, anyway), but i'm really hoping i'll get called. if not, i'll probably spend at least part of the day calling middle schools and asking them to add me to their subs list.

when you apply to sub, you are allowed to ask only for so many schools. i applied for all the high schools, essentially. what i need to do now is figure out which high schools i can actually make in terms of location, call and remove myself from those schools, and then add myself to the middle schools i can make. hopefully i'll end up with more schools instead of less. and, of course, i'll still be on the full county list.

from the time it is now, i can take it i'm not going to be called into a high school today.

i spent part of last night putting together my teacher "goody bag" so i wouldn't have to worry about whether or not i had everything i needed if i got called. i still need to pick up a dry erase eraser, a stapler that i don't mind traveling with me, some tape, and some extra stickers and glitter pens and the like for rewards (maybe some fun post-its and pencil erasers?). one of the things i made sure to load was a day's dose of all my meds in case i end up rushing out of the house without them, plus my headache stuff. i've started getting up around 5:30 a.m. because if i wait till i get called i'll only have about 20 minutes to get ready and get out the door for any high school that calls. they start calls at 6 a.m. you have to be at the school about a half an hour early and high schools start at around 7:20. i figure if i don't get called, i can just go ahead and crash again for a few hours, especially on a day like today where i'm still trying to get over something.

my biggest problem will be trying to get to sleep at a reasonable hour. fortunately, my night owl tendencies seem to be off kilter since we moved and i'm in bed by midnight more often than not right now. with the 5 am schedule, sticking to an early bedtime shouldn't be much of a problem. i hope.

sigh. looks like i might not be called today at all. i suppose i could still get called in by a middle school or a junior high - was called for a half day at an elementary school around 8 a.m. on friday (which gives me another hour). and i guess if i don't get called, no major loss - i still need to go get fingerprinted.

guess i better nab some juice and dayquil, locate that map we picked up of the area, and a phone book with the school addresses. then i can eat and start figuring out which schools are feasible for me. i also need to talk to mjay about holiday plans and let her know that whatever she has planned will be fine with us. as much as we'd like to do our traditional holiday meal at christmas this year, it's highly unlikely to happen - we're going to be dang lucky if we can even manage gifts at this point.

and once i have myself added to a few more local schools, hopefully there will be more phone calls. cross your fingers for me!

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