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have car, may travel
thursday, october 28, 2004

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i have the car today. saxy is with mcat working down in st. mary's and they went in his truck yesterday. because it's just a good idea to let saxy have the car to get to and from work when i'm not doing much of anything outside the house (ok, there are those who would say that writing isn't doing much of anything inside the house either, but, really, it is) or even need to do much of anything outside the house, i don't usually get the car. if i had something i needed to take care of, i'm sure saxy would arrange the transportation so i could have the car, but there hasn't really been any need, for the most part. i do need to take care of my license still, since the georgia version of the dmv was closed the last time i attempted it, but that would cost money i don't have (and i can't afford to do any such thing until all the utilities and what not are caught up and not threatening disconnection) so it has to wait. with that pretty much the last thing i need to get done to "finalize" my transition to a georgia resident, there's not been any need for the car.

and it's not like i can run off and visit friends - i don't really have any here. well, except ori, who is busy. the only other person i know is mjay, and i wouldn't say we're friends. besides, she has her things she does during the day as well. in the past, any getting together with her has required at least some advance planning. and that's all i know yet. ori and i had been planning a few trips around to various places, but she's either been swamped with grad work or sick so it's been postponed for a bit. and i had hoped to meet a few people at the bookcrossing meeting, but that didn't pan out either. i'm seriously consider some kind of night class or something just to get out of the house and meet people.

this will change, i'm sure, once i'm subbing. i'll meet people, hopefully make a few friends. of course, then the job will cut into my writing time and make that time more valuable and decrease my availability for social things. between now and then, i don't know. i don't know where to go to meet anyone. it's been too long since i've really gone out and had time to met people. for the longest time, i haven't been able to go out and meet people. and it wasn't really that big of a deal because i had friends i had met that i could talk to on the phone if nothing else. that's not the case here. but even my last classroom experience is over a year past - almost 2 now.

i'm not really the type to be a hermit - it was sorta forced on me. when i was younger, i went places - but i knew of places to go, and visited friends - but i had local friends to visit. later there was gaming. i met a lot of people gaming. there's a gaming store out here, but it's not like i could get involved in a regular game during the day, so i'd rather not go and get caught up in something only to never be able to go back again. besides, i'm a 2e girl for the most part and nearly everyone involved in gaming these days is into 3e and beyond (depending on what game you're talking about). after that, i went back to school.

really, maybe all i need is a change of pace? or maybe a better way of saying that is a change of space or place. just to get out of the house. we have a tourist guide around here somewhere - maybe there's some place local i could visit? if nothing else, i can take me and my novel to the b&n cafe.

yea, i think maybe the important thing is just for me to get out for a bit. it may only be a change of scenery, but even "just" a change of scenery can refreshing once in awhile.

the kids are all gone. time to shower, change, eat, pack my bag of doom with my writing stuff, grab the tourist book, and go.

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