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friday, september 24, 2004

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it seems like there's a lot of waiting going on for me right now, which really isn't a bad thing, i'm just not good at waiting. never have been, though i have gotten somewhat better. i've even lost at least one friend over this inability to wait (of course, we disagreed on what was a reasonable wait time for someone to do what they said they would do - i found 4 or more months unreasonable, she found reminders after 3 months unreasonable; and, no, she never did the two things she said she would). this doesn't mean i can't wait at all; there are just some things in life you must wait for - jobs you've applied for, loan approval, and so on. but i still hate waiting and don't do it very well. but, right now, i'm waiting more than not.

i want to call the school district about my job app and see if i need anything, but it seems almost pointless to do so. if they have everything, i can't do anything about it until i have a car. mcat is hunting up cars now, but it may take a week or two for that to pan out. i could call and find out that i still need one or both of my recommendation letters - if anything's missing those would be it, but i can easily do that once i have transportation to go to fingerprinting and whatever else they need me to do for employment. still, it would be nice to know where my app is in the process. i'm supposed to get a blue response card that either tells me my app needs more stuff or i'm hired, so i'm watching the mail in the meantime.

i also have a local friend who is going to take me on mini-tours of the area. we were supposed to get together today, but she's not feeling too good right now - apparently she ate something that disagreed with her. i can wait for her to get well, but i'm kinda excited about getting out and seeing the area. apparently there's an underground mall she wants to show me, a few museums, and some other things. it'll be nice to take a poke or two around the area. maybe when i get the car i can get out as well, try to do my own exploring. my only worry there is getting lost. i lived in the same place for years and still got lost way too easy once i went beyond a particular boundary. i'd probably end up in a worse case of being lost if i tried to wander too far out here. streets tend to change names at intersections quite frequently. i do have a map, but only of my immediate area. downtown atlanta would be so beyond me. besides, i have literally no idea what to go see out here. needing a haircut can only get you so far.

i've had a few people tell me i should get out and walk around, which is probably a true thing. i could definitely use the exercise. but there's no place within walking distance for me to go, really. we have lots of stuff quite local be vehicle, but not by foot. maybe if i had a bike. that's something to think about even after we get a car. there will be days saxy needs to use the vehicle and i'll be home and needing to get out. but, then again, i've gotten so used to not going anywhere, it doesn't bother me much to be at home, really. which is sad. when i was younger, i walked all over the place. course, then i had places to go and knees and ankles that didn't complain about such stuff.

i guess those are the big things i'm waiting for. in a way they aren't really that big, they just make me feel like my life is on hold until things come together - especially the car and job stuff. there are little things i feel like i'm waiting for, things like collective soul's new album, "youth." the good news about that one is that at least i have a date when my waiting ends, kinda. once it's out, i have to find the money to be able to buy it and wait for it to be shipped. *g* and we're waiting to have enough money to start picking up house things: bookshelves, a bed for saxy and i, etc. we need cups too. plenty of plates and bowls in this house, but man, do we ever need drinking glasses for the kids to drink out of! i've seen some at one of the local stores that would work, but i can neither get there nor afford any yet.

which comes back to waiting for the car and the job. lol

fortunately, my writing is going pretty well right now. i am waiting on responses to over a dozen submissions, but that's par for the course. besides, getting rejections isn't all that great, and some of the editors could really use a lesson on tact. granted, some writers need lessons on submitting in general, but that doesn't mean they need to take out their frustrations on all of us. at any rate, i've been working on the second book in my trilogy - basically taking a break from book one even though i still have it in my goals to get the revisions done. i just needed to breathe a bit. book 3 is in process as well, but only so i can try to fill out the silly plotline which currently only has 3 events. trust me, 3 events a novel does not make. and i'm waiting for some ideas to gel on a couple of other stories. i may end up dropping one of them and trying something else for the challenge it's being written for. i recently did some digging around on my hard drive and realized i also have a few other incomplete stories and story ideas that i should take a look at one of these days. so, i may be waiting, but have plenty of things to keep me occupied.

the good news is that i'm feeling better than i was a few entries ago. and a few other things are slowly making forward progress - i've requested medical records for me and the kids, we were able to get an emergency refill of froggy's meds until she sees a doctor on the 30th, the dog doesn't bark as much as she once did (or, at least, waits longer to start). in fact, the dog finally seems to be settling into her new home at last. she still needs to get her training on track, but after the difficulty of the first few times, i think i need to find her service dog outfit before i try again. she always did do better with it than without. finding that may have to wait until we can unbury more of the house too. fortunately for her, taz is doing well so the move just may have taken away her job. which, if her behavior is any indication, she's been waiting for for awhile.

then, of course, is the "bad" waiting. we're all waiting to see what hurricane jeane will do, and i'm waiting for the first of the sick season to hit. neither of which i try to think about much. so maybe i'm not really waiting for them at all.

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