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storm effects
sunday, september 19, 2004

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the hurricanes appear to be having some interesting side effects other than massive migraines for me. in fact, the move and the change in weather appears to be having a profound affect on our cats, ororo and vagner. neither animal is all that affectionate. well, vagner was until he hit the kitten teen years. now he'd much rather not be held and cuddled the way he used to be okay with and even wanted as a kitten. the move initially didn't seem to change this that much until recently.

i guess, in a way, hurricane season heralds the march towards winter. anyone with animals that do not live in california knows that winter means heavier coats, more eating, and gaining a nice layer of keep warm fat, things we've never seen in our cats in cali. however, recently there's been an increase in catfood consumption, a dramatic one actually. both seem to be gaining in weight. not badly, but enough to be noticed. since their play time is about the same (early mornings for about 2 or 3 hours, they annhilate each other ad wake us all up in the process; then they do it again in mid to late evening), i'm assuming the extra eating has to do with getting ready for winter.

the other things we're noticing is not so much as more clinginess, but definitely more attachment. cali does have wet winters, but cali storms are nothing like what we're experiencing out here. lately the cats have been sleeping near our bed and vagner has been more like the snuggly kitten he used to be. he'll come up to me 2 or 3 times a day to snuggle up, putting his head under my chin, and get his belly rubbed. he loved to do this a lot as a kitten, but stopped doing it almost entirely a few months ago. it's kinda nice to have him back to being a snuggle baby.

along the lines of kitten antics, though not storm related, is their reactions to bubbles - you know, the stuff you blow through the wands to put bubbles in the air? ororo has been fascinated by them and will sit and watch for as long as you're willing to make them. she bats at them, has even tried to bite one or two. vagner, on the other hand, has decided these things are evil and runs. it's kinda funny to watch a cat flee bubbles that are popping mid-air.

today he actually got brave and watched them for about 5 minutes before deciding to run. ;)

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